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Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015, 10:30

FALNS typ 436 V by Modelik 1:25

Dear Fellows of Cardboard and Scissors,

this is my first post here. As I wrote in my brief introduction, my primary -but
not exclusive- interest is the railway so I am starting a thread on Schenker
coal wagon.
It was designed by the well-known Jan Kolodziej - Kierownik, whose name cannot
be praised enough for his contribution to the paper modeling.
The quality of the print is just pefect, no mispiriting, no tone problems. It
is detailed but luckily free of hypertiny, practically useless parts
Due to the scale, the carriage is significant: 57x13 cms.
The chassis has been started. I intend to paint it.
Any remarks (especially the positive ones :)) are welcome.

Right at the beginning I had to correct the set a bit. The little axle parts
should have been fixed in the slot. But, since the whole structure will be
laying on it I decided to 'close' them with two (red) cardboard pieces. I can just
hope (thought doubt) it will much improve their stability and make a better
weight carrying capacity. In spite of this improvement I think I will have to
make an underlying support for the whole vehicle.
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  • Kocsi és létra.JPG
With best regards,
Krisztián :)

It's not important how complicated your model is but that you find pleasure in its construction.

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