JSC 21, RMS Mauretania, 1:400

  • RMS Mauretania ist ab jetzt baubar in vier Versionen:

    1. Als Cunardliner im klassischen Anstrich (1909)
    2. Als Hilfskreuzer der Royal Navy mit Bewaffnung (1914)
    3. Als Hospitalschiff mit weissem Rumpf mit gruenen Band und Rotkreuz (1915)
    4. Als Truppentransporter in Tarnfarben (Muster: umgekehrte Perspektive) (1918 )

    1. Transatlantic liner (1909) - traditional painting scheme - black hull, white superstructure, red funnels
    2. Auxiliary cruiser (1914) - as the war began she was taken over by the Royal Navy and planned to be used for convoy escorting. She was armed but still wore her original painting. She never sailed in action in such a role.
    3. Hospital ship (1915) - overall-white with green band on the hull and red cross. She took part e.g. at Gallipoli.
    4. Troop carrier (1918 ) - Heavily armed (6 guns of 152 mm) and in dazzle painting. She transported in this robe US soldiers to France.