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    Well. my 'heart' is with the 1:100 civil ships (I did the "Regulus" and the "Radomka), because of the level of detail that the 1:100 scale can offer. But there is hardly anything on the market in that scale. But I am very interested too in highly detailed 1:33 (e.g. Halinsky-)airplane models and helicopters. And there the choice is so overwelming that I need some time to search the internet. I will let you know my decision as soon as possible!

    Hey JC,

    then there's the perfect choice for you: build the tuna cutter "Albatun"

    Fly Model, Thunfisch-Fänger "Albatun", 1:100

    Already built by dozens of model builders, so no bad surprises, civilian, 1:100 and great looking!


  • Now this is what I received today:
    1) McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A Hornet (Fly model nr 118.) I am afraid that I am spoiled by all I have seen in the last few years... nice to have added this one to my collection, but I am not sure if I will ever start it; in my opinion, the quality of print, detail and precision are not to the actual standards.
    2) Thunfishfanger "Albatun" (Fly model nr 113).[/u] A model that reminds me very much of the "Regulus". Also 'handdrawn', but very attractive and beautifully detailed - this one will certainly be one of my next models.

    And then came....:
    3) Sturzbomber SBD - 3 Dauntless [MIlitary Model 1-2/2006] and:
    4) Morane Saulnier MS 406 C1 (Kartonowy Arsenal 2/2006)

    What else can I say then that I am speechless...? This is the first time that I have one of these more recent models of Halinsky in front of me and I can not believe my eyes.... so beautiful, so incredibly precise. This is love on first sight! I want more of these... And that is exactly what I will do: order more of these newer Halinsky models, just for the joy of possessing them and, of course, to have more to choose from for my next build. So please be patient. In a while I will let you know which one it will be: the "Dauntless", the "Morane Saulnier" or still another one that I will receive soon.

  • I ordered and received the Halinski Spitfire Vb plus cockpits for this Spitfire and for the Dauntless and my enthusiasm is still growing! Collecting these beauties is almost as much fun as building them... In fact, once I decide which one I will start, I should order a second copy and leave the first one untouched 'for my collection'. :]

  • I have finally chosen my next model: I will soon start the Kartonowy Arsenal/Halinski 2/2006 Morane Saulnier 406 C1. Of course it was difficult not to chose the Dauntless or the Spitfire, but they have extensively been treated in this and other forums. I saw a thread about the Morane Saulnier 406 on with beautiful in progress pictures. I do not read polish at all, but if I have understood it all well, (please correct me if I am wrong) the builder stopped halfway, not because the model was wrong in any way, but because he had troubles with a gluing or painting technique that had spoiled his model or something like it.
    Although it was not very successful and outdated at the start of the war, I think it's an elegant little plane and a beautifully detailed model.
    So I will soon start a new thread!

  • Hello JC,

    very good choice! There is also a beautiful MC 406 at, at the archiwum, build by Grabciu.

    Hope to see you build again soon on this forum!