2cm FLAK 38 /1:25/ Kartonowy Arsenal 4/2004 [FERTIG]

  • Hello Kartonists, I have "frisch ausgepackt" last week a german anti-aircraft gun - simply flak with one axle trailer.

    This is cardmodel of Andrzej Halinski / PL /


    When open illustrated cover with WWII action theme you get:

    - basic info about Flak 38 /polish language
    - construction instruction /polish language
    total 1page A4 format

    - 3,3pages of model and 0,5 page A4 format of non-paper part masters
    - 5,2pages of 3D construction drawings

    Very detailed kit, absolutely delicious designed including illustration of weathering.

    I got for nice price very fine kit which can open to me /and all the others/ military world of Andrzej Halinski.

  • Frisch ausgepackt - frisch aufgebaut :)

    Took a small brake from KrAZ 255 B

    Renova, KrAZ 255 B, 1:25

    Where the assembly of tire with low-air-level made me mentally tired and wanted to relax for few days to continue with full power again.

    Made this platform of Flak 38 /NO PATINA COATING OF BERNIE - therefore my apologize for build quality since did not build this "pure style" for last 9months.

    Will make this platform complete /hopefully today/ and will continue with KrAZ again.
    When will be tired again - will continue with this for a Flak38 Diorama /workbench name Score Update/

  • Jorg, have a question since you have got better knowledge of this gun based on physical experience, want to ask you:

    Was the "score" /shut down planes/ marked on barrel tube /white stripes- marked with red circle/?
    on the protective shield /red arrow marked/? or combined /see picture/

  • Thanks for explanation Jorg - now it is clear to me.
    The Score Update Diorama is going to be Flak38 with a german soldier /scratch build from paper/ painting the symbol of enemy plane on protective shield. Flak 38 will be partly masked with oak-twigs /oak leaves - laser cut elements/

    But this is second priority project - first priority is KrAZ :)

    It is normal to own ORIGINAL

  • nazdar bernie

    odkedy ty lepis kanony (teda flak), som myslel, ze si vylucne zalozeny na auticka,nozem ocakavat, ze zacnes lepit aj lietadla? :)

    donesies tento flak do brna?

  • Zdar sasko, zacinam se cim dal vic zavrtavat do bojovky :)

    O zadnem letadle zatim vazne neuvazuji, ale NIKDY nereknu NIKDY :)

    Toto je oddychovka od kol na KrAZ a zalezi, ceho chces videt vic v Brne

    - cely Flak - bez podvozku
    - KrAZ na /snad/ vsech kolech

    It is normal to own ORIGINAL

  • zdar bernie
    ono clovek by chcel vidiet vsetko ale to sa proste neda :)
    budes niekedy robit nejaky model bez uprav aby to mohlo ist na sutaz?

  • 2 sasko: soutezit nebudu - vubec!!

    - starsi soutezni modely uz nechci nasazovat /to nejlepsi maji za sebou a tak se slusi jim dat duchod na medailich ve vitrine :)/

    - nove modely jsou patinovane, takze potencial pro zisk ceny divaku a to staci

    Stavim to a tak, jak se mi libi a bavi me /ne pro medaile - i kdyz jejich zisk potesi/ a pokud budu soutezit, tak na plastikarske akci jako treba ModellBrno.

    Jinak, co se tyce PK Brno2006, tak bude workshop o patinovani - Bernie a dale prezentace papirove modelariny na webu /modely, downloady, fora, programy na tvorbu atd/ - Vaclav Jancata

    tak prijed, at se fotak "nazere" :)

    2 johnny: Thanks for inspiration link of Great Flak 38 with shell basked, but want to add some empty shells around the Flak on the ground :)

    It is normal to own ORIGINAL

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  • do brna sa chystam ale beriem sebou aj rodinku takze to budem mat dost perne dufam ze to vsetko postiham, o kolkej to v sobotu zacina a kedy konci...

    nielen fotak sa nazerie ale aj predajcovia (Mig a Modelex) mienim tam nechat zopar stoviek alebo aj nejaku tu tisicku za modely dufam, ze bude z coho vybrat a ze to v piatok nevykupite vy domaci :)

  • v sobotu zaciname v 9:00 rano a zhruba ve 14:00 se zacina vyhlasovat

    tak se budu tesit / a ze prijdes i s rodinou - to je jenom dobre, kazdy platici navstevnik je obzvlast vitan :) /

    It is normal to own ORIGINAL

  • no tak som si to zratal

    vsetky modely ktore by som chcel by ma vysli na 726 zlotych + nejaky rabat a v slov korunach by to bolo 8500 skk + vstupne + benzin a strava rovnych 10000skk celkom lacny vylet do brna :) len co na to povie zena :(

    bernie nie si na icq ?

  • za 726zlotych?? no tak to je slusny - a budes to mit kam nalozit, nebo si to nechas poslat vlakem :). Ja mam na musce jeden kousek za cca 700czk a urcite pak vezmu i neco dalsiho, ze se dostanu na max 2tis czk

    It is normal to own ORIGINAL

  • Hello Kartonists, today early morning finished the platform of Flak38 - relaxed enough - today evening will be back on KrAZ again.

    One more picture to be added about Flak38.
    One of my colleagues at work is fan for detecting WWII fragments and he lended me 2shells from 2cm Flak38 gun to use for preparation of 1:25 shells which will be around my model to demonstrate that fight is gone.

    Left shel is made of metall, right shell is made of brass. One of these was founded in Lulec /20km from Brno/ where Russian airforce destroyed German train of 40wagons!!! Still easy to find such fragments in here.

    AND ONE MORE QUESTION FOR ADMINS OF THIS FORUM - shall I move this bauberichte to somewhere else??
    Cardmodel of Halinsky - have targeted for Vehicles since loaded on carrier would be understand as a vehicle. Can keep in here - Vehicles - Frisch ausgepackt??

  • Thank you Josef, will try to do my best for your satisfaction :)

    This model can recomment to you or anybody else - very good one and for sure will arrange for my archive one more Flak of Halinski

    FLAK 36/37 8,8 CM - see picture

    Wanted to make a diorama with a gun or cannon in action - but SIG33 was too heavy to make an effect of jump-off while shooting and therefore choosed for this Flak38.

  • Yes Josef, backstroke absorbtion on SiG - 33 is OK, but I was looking for effect when the wheels are above the ground!!! With SiG-33 it is not easy or possible I guess - this "tool" was too heavy and of course that there were some modifications to reduce the weight but the final solution was to put on the tank body to create et PzKpfw I Ausf B

    Of course Famo with Flak 8,8cm diorama would be great, BUT WHERE TO STORE???

    It is normal to own ORIGINAL

  • Pawell:
    :usenglish: Thanks for comment - as wrote in another place of this forum cardmodellin´ in 2shifts - evening 20-22:00 /if daughters are good and go sleep as requested :) - morning shift 4-5:30 - more productive shift - they sleep very well in this time :)

    Zdar "krajane", vítej tady! Jak jsem napsal anglicky - jedu na 2smny :) a nic jinýho m nebaví /u ani nevím, jak vypadá televize - je to pro m ztráta

    It is normal to own ORIGINAL

  • :usenglish:
    That morning shift of yours would probably kill me :)
    I have to wake up at about 7:00 to get to work and I almost can't read my monitor before I drink a cup of coffee :). I rarely go to sleep before 1:00 AM, so maybe that's why :)
    But your 4 hours of building daily explain it a bit :)

    [Blocked Image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/13/Icons-flag-cz.png]
    Cesky uz se mi to psat nechce :)


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  • Hello Kartonists, some more parts were added to Flak38 like gun shield and holder which simply adjusted with deformation and painting in deformation line with aquarel colour as a corrosion.

    Next picture is pre-painted shield with "trophies" of Flak38 inspired by the real one. Right side plane is not completely painted - will be under the brush of german soldier in diorama Score Update.

  • Hello Kartonists, after finishing the front axle of KrAZ have spended some time on Flak38.

    I made some adjustments on it as follows:

    - partly damaged front right shield by
    - because of damage on front right shield took off a part of shooter´s protection.
    - dry grass effect as a camouflage was made of hemp roap
    - empty shells on platform of Flak38 /more pieces will be on the model pad to demonstrate the effect of "fight is over"

  • Jorg, Thanks for comment - will make in way you propose.

    One more question - Could be over the gun - body and front shield partly covered the tent-cover for gun protection of /dust, rain/ while not fighting??

    It is normal to own ORIGINAL

  • Well I will find some solution - main reason why I am asking is to find opton how to "mask" my mistake - have a difference in ne position of front shields - left one is little bit higher.

    Think that have an idea: Over the left shield /with planes/ will hang on the soldiers jacket /while painting dressed off/

    It is normal to own ORIGINAL

  • :usenglish:
    very well done, as all your builds - so no surprise at all :)
    the damaged shield was a great idea, it improves the look of the gun alot... i'm looking forward to see finished diorama and i'm curious about how you'll make the paper soldier - i'm thinking of building a paper soviet wwii pilot myself, so any inspiration will be welcome... :)


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    You cant take the sky from me

  • Hi Bernie!

    Will you build the trailer also? I wonder how to make the "tubes" of the trailer-frame, especially the curves.


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  • Hello bernie,

    couldn´t reach your modelling skills, always loosing my mind when watching your progress. How do you do it ? I´m infected by the cartonicus Virus, asking myself, which kind of Virus you´ve got.

    Best regards from an utterly destroyed and overwhelmed


  • Hello Pawell, Meffes, Ernst, thank you for all your comments and would reply following:

    - I am not going to make a trailor /would make the diorama only too large/ but do not worry - one day may be :)

    - The soldier will be scratch build from paper and as an example check the picture of my first weathered model Jelcz W 640JS /ORLIK/ with scratch figure of smokin´driver /name/ Leszek.

    - Have the same virus - but do refuse to visit a doctor - do not allow him to apply cure :)

  • Gert, thank you for nice words - will forward to Leszek :)

    Flak 38 will be finished soon /suggest this week wednesday or thursday - but then will work again on KrAZ until rear axles will be finished/. Today I will give you an idea of the soldier´s position in which should be painting the Trophy on Flak. Description is appointing the "foreign" elements to be used for my scratch - build.

  • Hello Kartonists, 2cm Flak 38 is finished.

    Will continue next week when will pick from "joiner" the pad for diorama Score Update.

    Special Thanks to Jorg for hints.

    Few more words about the card of A. Halinski:

    Very well designed model with very good fit /allthough had some small troubles with fit on the basement/ and beautifull design. Higher price is not problem then :)

    Did some adjustments as you have already seen in respect to fit in my diorama.

    Enough words - enjoy pictures