Tie Interceptor by Uhu02

  • Hi to all

    I'm new in this section,. though mine main interest is to build armor vehicles specifically from WWII. But in between large-few-years builds I like to build something small and fast, to "rest" :)

    I really like Star Wars Movies and universe, so this my easy building theme.

    I've already built Scout Trooper on 74-Z Speeder Bike by Julius Perdana.

    Now my pick went on famous Uhu02 designer and his Tie Interceptor.

    I choose this model, because i think it looks interesting and also because I wanted to take a challenge to build sphere from paper, which I never did before.

    The design of the model is excellent, and I really liked his solutions for challenging assemblies.

    You can read about this kind of Star Wars space craft here, but I assume you already know what I'm talking about ;)

    I truly don't know what the scale of this model is, but I saw on one site that it is 1:32, closer to aircraft models scale, so let's suppose it is.

    Because it is a free model, I downloaded all the shееts in PDF format and printed it in art studio on 160-180 gsm matt paper.

    I was worried at first that it is to flexible but eventually the assembling went well, and I don't have any issues with paper by now.

    Like in aircraft, the start is a cockpit.

    Cockpit cage and pilot seat with controls stick.

    This is new style of assembling for me, so it was interesting.

    Picture with cut parts was lost with old phone, so here are parts from PDF.

    Control panel and base of a cockpit. This was one of interesting solutions by Uhu02. You do a round harmonic like strip with sloped edges, so later it will seat well on a spherical surface... genius!

    And cockpit closed and ready!

  • Next step was the most interesting and challenging part for me - the sphere!

    I never built such thing and was keen to see how it would go.

    Uhu02 found excellent solution to put this sphere together - inner connecting strips on a base circle

    So, basically you glue sphere shell on a strips base, and this is the starting point. You must do it very carefully and align strips exactly between petals.

    I chose to glue one side of each strip to corresponding sphere petal and after this glue petal to petal.

    You leave sphere open, until cockpit inserted inside.

    After it is done, you put top ring inside, close the sphere and glue the ring.

    I liked the result, and this was fun experience :)

  • Top and bottom hatches

    Characterized by edge-to-edge gluing and lamination

    Bottom one is fuel system and laser compartment access

    For making round form i started to use some tools from Ali. Very convenient

    Upper hatch is for ingress/egress access

    Window imitation was made by clear plastic packaging from our kitchen. It was thin and fit well

    Though I made holding ring, eventually I decided to glue hatch shut close, because it contributed to right shape and overall stiffness. Also, with ring hatch door didn't sit flush and tight on the sphere. And by the way, door hatch opened on hinge and that wasn't designed here