Červený Kameň Castle + 3D Print / Z-Art / 1:300

  • 1) We offer 3D printing of castles and chateaux which you already know as paper cut-and-assemble models. We will gradually try to convert most of our models into 3D prints. The basic color is vanilla white (as shown in the photos). We are also able to print in other colors – see the chart on our website. However, 3D printing takes time so please be patient with the fact that it may take several days to weeks to ship your package.

    2) You can pre-order a new paper (cut-and-assemble) model – Červeny Kameň Castle (the actual building is located in Slovakia). The model is made in scale 1:300 and it will be released at the end of September 2023.

    More here:https://www.zartmodely.cz