Fiat 600 from 1962, 1/50 (French Model, Marabout Junior)

  • A very basic, but charming, model that was given free with issue 55 of Marabout Junior, in 1962.

    I coloured the headlamps with translucent yellow and thickened the wheels with card (painted). I made the base from cardboard and a print-out if block paving.

  • Oh, very sweet!

    Mit besten Grüßen aus Hagen


    "Der Mensch ist nur da in der vollen Bedeutung des Wortes Mensch wo er spielt und er spielt nur da, wo er Mensch ist."
    Friederich Schiller

  • "Charming" is a very good description - I like it! My Mom had one as her first own car, and it was amazing - it could swim, and drive again, afterwards ?( 8| ! At least that's what we deducted from watermarks, when we returned home after holydays and found the garage flooded from a rainstorm - the markings there went much higher than on the outside of the car, and it left the garage under its own power, once we opened the door and realized what had happened. Well, it was a FIAT, so it would have rusted away, afterwards, anyway, so - why bother? :cool: :D

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