A-4M Marine from GPM (no 610) in 1:33 scale

  • Hi

    Today I would like to present You start of build new model form GMP - A-4M Skyhawk. This is new model, not remade earlier version of GMP model (yellow and green cover). This model design E. SZCZETININ (presentation). I decide to make US Marine version of this model.

    First remark, parts don't have center mark. It could make some dificults for not "pro" modelers. Solution: make this marks self. At least there will be some landmark. Alternatively, you can follow the pattern of rivets on the element. Harder way on reinforce elements, because mostly they are ellipse shape.

    OK, so lets go:

    In build I use laser cut structural elements form GPM. I start from center segment

    Along the side wall ends I added 1mm cardboard reinforcement for better stability

    Next back segment

    Both segments are over main wings module.

  • Hi

    Small step forward - both segments with additional reinforcements

    Behind side air intakes I add a black cardboard half cones to mask holes (in project there are nothing - hole)

  • Hi

    Next segment with air brakes (I have made some tabs for easier montage).

    I little bit don't like place of joining cover elements :thumbdown: (on side, to center) IMO better place for join would be top, where will be glued tail and mask all things

  • Hey

    Nozzle - big shame :thumbdown: :thumbdown: - it will be a BLACK HOLE.

    Shame of that there isn't any texture or pattern. Small accent is that the laser strainer is dark grey (on sheet is ... black).

  • Yep.

    In this 2 central segments better would be "ship" skeleton with more elements - then "in original" it should have more stability. With only 3 forming disk they are little bit weak - they can twist

  • Before assembling front segments, first internal elements

    Front landing gear chamber - I made some tabs for easier montage and wall stability

    Cockpit elements

  • Hey

    Cockpit segments:

    First I form both elements to cylinder shape assist with center former disk (glue inside additional air intakes). Then glued them together and put inside without glue both forming disks. When all dry, I put inside elier made front landing gear chamber (wits tabs is quite easy).

  • Hello

    This time engine air intakes.

    Long time I was thinking in which order I should glue cockpit segment and air intakes. At last I decided to glue first air intakes, because they are more visible. From joining cockpit segment only small fragments will be finnaly visible (top cover by hump, and sides by intakes), so better way is glue well intakes.

  • Hi

    Today nose segments.


    I don't glue nose to the rest of the fuselage, because now I don't know the balance of model and I don't know that in future will be necessary to hide some weight in front

  • Hello walkiri,

    a very clean build! I love this plane small and powerful...

    Herzliche Grüße

    I'm walking! @fats_domino

  • Hey

    Further work on the cockpit. Pilot seat inside. I glued to a wall part behind the seat (because drawings are little bit haotical, I forget made this earlier)

    Small error ?( Side elements are only black - they haven't grey color/part? It looks like this are only inner sides, without outsides parts. Black isn't outer sidest? I don't see something laike this on plane photos. So I use color reserve, and make grey outer sides.

    Not ideal, but may be.

    Canopy frame elements don't have inner parts (stay white from inside)

    A glance at the fuselage parts with dry fitting of nose segments

  • Well done! In my current build I often use the colour reserve, I hope it is enough in the kit! :D

    But the reason is another one. I need te reserve because my building skills aren`t as good the kit needs.

    In your case, it is the other way round, The kit has some mistakes. Let's say the kit isn't as good your skills need. :D

    Herzliche Grüße

    I'm walking! @fats_domino

  • Hi

    After tail and pilot canopy, time forfuel tank in hump.

    It's a bit shame that the publisher didn't make a few duplicates fuselage parts for the humpbacked and non-humped versions. The structure of the model is such that it would be possible to give such a choice without any problems (we must make full tail elements and canopy).

    In the book are only transverse stiffeners (marked), the longitudinal ones I added from myself

    All parts I form dry on this hump frame. Next I join them together.

    And as one element fit and stick to fuselage

  • Hi

    Small weekend progress - main wings.

    Skeleton construction is unusual strange, and .......... unfunctional. Plate element is weak (only 1mm tight). Oblong element take wing shape, but do nothing else. They don't strenght all structur. The whole element bends under its own weight. They should be a cross element to take strength (or little bit remake center plate and add a piece of wire or wood). To me was too late, frame was dry. So I add a piece of wood "medical" mouth plank in center to strength area where will be glued landing gears - so they don't break (probably). I add some 1mm cardboards reinforcements in center for stability

    Landing gears bays

    Center cover element

  • Wings elements:

    Dry fit

    Assembled wings element

    First I glue to frame down half, next i stick inside elier made bays, and close all gluing upper half to frame. (projects bug - unnecessary triangle join tabs need be cut out)

  • Hi

    Wings - continued

    Flaps (small remark - in variant 2 with open both big flaps, upper side part is light grey, no dark grey like wing part)

    Wings end - bug - mistaek colors of position lights, they are on opposite sides. Small tab on end is unnecessary - to cut out

    Wings module

    Landing gears bays (without details for the moment)

  • Hi

    Wings - next part, next problems ;)

    Fit not bad, but it will be a small gap - I must mask it using color reserve

    Barrel covers - again small color mismatch. Wing and fuselage are ok, but this corner doesn't fit

  • Hello Walkiria

    color-mismatches of this kind are so annoying because they are unnecessary.

    Nevertheless the A-4 is a beauty (I did several in 1/250 for a carrier long time ago) and continues to grow under your able hands!

    Kind regards


  • Hi

    This time - horizontal steering fins.

    If wings skeleton was horrible unfunctional, this is a massacre. It do NOTHING - it's too weak (0,5mm). Better way was put there a toothpick or wire. Then it will be strong. Another bug? is part "87a". How put it in gight place wher You glue ealier all frame parts? Another remart is build frame elements on fuselage, not a seperate element, with is puted later in fuselage.

    Fin elements

  • color-mismatches of this kind are so annoying because they are unnecessary.

    I second that completely. Nowadays, with computer added construction, completely unnecessary. For

    me, this and the wrongly coloured rudder is basically a no-buy....

    Nevertheless, you make the best out of it!

    Regards, Thomas

  • Keep calm ^^ - my rudder will be fabulous :thumbsup:

  • Rudder:

    Original (right) and My concept (Left) - more red than reddish brown

    Assembly (I changed method of mounting the fin - I think easier but a little longer)


  • ...shouldn't the grey part not be also red?

    *edit: I stand myself corrected, just found a picture of the original. You are right. The cover drawing from GPM is apparently also wrong.

  • ...shouldn't the grey part not be also red?

    *edit: I stand myself corrected, just found a picture of the original. You are right. The cover drawing from GPM is apparently also wrong.

    I saw both versions, but this was more (on cover and model part are bad ?( ). There is also no "bold" on rudder top ?(

  • I saw both versions, but this was more (on cover and model part are bad ?( ). There is also no "bold" on rudder top ?(

    I just have seen that the 1/32 Trumpeter plastic kit also shows the rudder exactly how you have corrected it.... so for me the case is closed :D

    The top however is wrong in the GPM kit. It looks like from A-4E Version, which was also flown by VMA-311. All the A-4M sport the pod at the top... 8|