MiG29 MU 9.13 from ANSWER in 1:33 scale

  • Hi

    This time I would like to present You build of model MiG29 MU (9.13) from ANSWER. In base this is repainted model MiG29 from Maly Modelarz (first version of this model is from year 1995). Little bit sadly is that this repaint don't base on last version but elier with small changes on 2 segments. Last version of this model have "3D" cockpit box with side panels and landing gear chambers in option (black areas in case). This model don't have it.

    In my version, I change 2 frame disk method to 1 disk and join tabs in tube segments.

    OK, let's get some photo

    Cockpit - I fired the version from the publish, and used a copy of the cockpit from the last version printed in gray. Looks much better than the flat one (external dimensions are 1:1).

    Then I add a box from black paper to mask hole in front (steering pedals).

    And ready first segment (I start building from cockpit segment)

  • Center frame

    Compare with cover elements - as like in Maly Modelarz frame elements are to long 3-5mm (both side elements and plate) :cursing:

    On downside I add 2 reinforcements parallel to engine frame long elements (2 elements between this standards one)

  • Hi, I'm back

    After small break, I continue MiG.

    After assembling centerplate, I glue "on flat" both top and down cover celements. Then glue them to frame.

    On edges near fuselage I add a small reinforcements from 1mm cardboard for side elements.

    Before making side elements, I make front tube segment. There is a small problem ~ 2mm gap between segments. On top or on down. I must cut it to fit

  • Camouflage passing - in many places small mismatch.

    Covering stripes

    Even with cover stripes, still stay some camouflage missmaths. No one see this bugs in test model? Or test model is bulsh*? :cursing: :cursing:

  • Hello

    Today both tails - they are easy but look fine - shape frame is very simple

    On outer sides i make small holes - horizontal fin will be glued directly to structural center frame.

    All elements fit good and camouflage is OK. Trident looks great :thumbsup:

    For next wings and tail horizontal height rudders.

  • Hi

    On wings I move horizontal reinforce from middle to top and add small cardboard stripe on bottom - holes for grab the frame and position it in wings element

    Height rudders - I add small cardboard reinforce on edge for strength it (missing join tabs on 1 element)

    All 4

    And glued to model

  • Hello

    Small update

    Pilot seat in cockpit

    I add a small optic visor

    For canopy, I use ready vacuum canopy form ANSWER

    Nose sensor cover I made from small glass ball

    Little bit shame, that the front part of pilot cockpit (instrument panel cover) isn't black like stripe on nose. I know I could put there a piece of black paper, but ?(