Polish narrow gauge railway in 1:87 scale

  • Hello! :)

    I wrote the welcome thread 1 year ago. Today I'm 18 years old man before matura-exam ;)

    At the beginning I present the most important model on my small railway. Why? Answer is easy - my collection isn't rich and without this model the railway wouldn't work.
    Yes, we're talking about locomotive :)

    Model based on polish loco, like this:
    1) Px48-1925, Sompolno

    2) Tx26-422, Gąsawa

    All of these photos you can find on: http://www.tog-billeder.dk/

    Base for model is the loco from Roco 31030. I have added generator, new whistle. Driver's booth has been rebuilded. Work isn't finished yet. Some things has been added in close time :)

  • I like your locomotive :)

    The changes you made give it an individual and rugged look

    As I understand, your model is not based on any actual locomotive in existence? Just interested. I find a more impressionistic approach to building models refreshing. If it looks about right, it is right :)

  • Thanks for reactions :)

    Felix, yes. You’re right. My model is not based on any actual loco. In Poland we didn’t have a HF110C. Polish modellers gives for fabric models a special look „if PKP (Polish State Railway of course) would have the HF110C”.