F6U-1 Pirate from Answer - Kartonowe Hobby in 1:33 scale

  • Hello

    This time I would like present to You making of F6U-1 model from Answer publishing. Model is in 1:33 scale in dark blue "camouflage" ;)

    For first I made pilot cockpit

    then joystick and pedals

    Because model need ballast in front side, I add someone using plasticine (yellow :D ) around whole cockpit frame

    From downside I add small cardboard reinforcements on both side landing gear chamber.

    REMARK - landing gear chamber element is ~1mm to high, so I must cut it little bit ;)

  • Hi

    Cockpit inner wall i divide for 2 parts for easier montage

    After both side walls element dry, I glue outer element

    Building next segment i begin from frame.

    At this moment, everything fit OK

  • Hello,

    i always had a soft spot for design's of the early 50s.
    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,


    In principio erat glutinis
    Gründungsmitglied der HobbyModel-Gang und Luft46-Gang
    Den Kartonbauer in seinem Lauf, hält weder Bogen- noch Klebermangel auf!

  • Hi


    Many early jets are shaped differently than modern machines. It is often the result of an attempt to adapt something known (like adaptation of the existing fuselage of propeller planes) with new capabilities of rocket or jet engines. Experimenting with wing angles from perpendicular to oblique and delta.

    Additional small air intakes

    Back segments - first I glue together all rings, then pull inside nozzle:

    To next time

  • Hello

    This time, wings frame. I add a wood stick parallel to front wing beam, to make it stronger.

    When frame was dry, I add all horizontal elements.

    Next I glue center cover elements to make whole frame more rigid

    I made too, main landing gears chambers - bottom element I glue to 1mm cardboard

    Wings in this model are separate element glued to fuselage

  • Hello

    Continuation of building wings

    First I glue to frame downhalf of wing part, then put inside and fit landing gear chamber. When OK, I glue it to frame. After all dry, I glue upperhalf to frame and downhalf

    Likewise the other side - so almost finished wing segment

    I will stick the wing flaps and external wing fuel tanks at the end so as not to damage them during further construction. Air intakes I will make after assembling wings and fuselage.

  • Hey

    After assembling wings and fuselage shows a small problem (design error?). You can't put wings in right place after montage fuselage, because join tabs makes it impossible. You need to cut the overlap or bend it very much (can be broken).

    At the edges of connection I added small pieces of 1mm cardboard to make the connection stronger and avoid waving

  • Hi

    I back to front side, to nose of model. In publishing nose element is doubled (one for backup). First I shaped fuselage elements and glue it together, then put inside forming disk.

    In front disk of cockpit segment I must cut out some gaps for cannon barels elements.

    Nose elements

    I don't glue it to cockpit segment, because at this moment I don't know about model balance. If model need more weight on front, I put more ballast in nose.

  • Hi

    After BAYRAKTAR model I back to Pirate. Small step on frontside segments - nose / cockpit

    Add segment behind cockpit. I still don't join front segments to rest fuselage, because when front will be to light I put inside additional ballast weight (under back wall of cockpit)

    Pilot seat


    All together

  • Hello Walkiria,

    respect! I have never seen somebody who could glue the internal frame of the canopy first and then add the canopy and the outer frame.

    A very convincing result !

    Kind regards


  • In this case it is not so difficult. But in fact in many cases it is not an easy way. Before sticking the inner frame, I do a try-on first to fit. It is easier for me to stick the canopy to the fuselage - the vaccum does not collapse inwards to cockpit and stay on inner frame

  • Hi

    Horizontal steering - small remake, I replace joining wire to wood stick. Green element is a little bit to short, but it's not a big problem, because it isn't visible

  • Hello

    Landing gears:

    Cardboard discs wheels

    Front landing gear

    Main landing gears

    Almost end. There are a few parts and details. At the end connect both parts - model segments together

  • In my opinion the Pirate is not a beautiful plane but the kit seems to be well engineered

    and your building is outstanding!

    Greetings Joachim

  • Hello Walkiria,

    another very fine result -yes, these early jets sometimes looked not nice (and performed far below expectations).

    Lokking forward to your next model !

    KInd regards