MV Lütjeoog (PaperShipwright, 1/250): Launched

  • The finished model......

    I weathered the railings, ladders, hull, forward deck, superstructure..... Using pastels, applied like streaky rust spots and worn walkways.

    I painted in the port/starboard navigation lights, and added some deck clutter and tarpaulins.


  • Ganz einfach toll! Ich bewundere immer wieder wie großartig auch die kleinsten Modelle werden!

    Jeder fängt mal klein an...

  • Outstanding work, Armando!

    Congratulations to this gem and thank you for sharing :thumbsup:

    Best wishes


  • Hi Armando

    Thats a great work, i love it.


    LG Peter

    Papier ist geduldig, ich werde es auch noch lernen

    Nein ,nein, ich bin nicht stur. Nur Meinungsstabil!

  • Good evening Amando

    I see you did a great job on MS Lütjeoog, off course this little Workvessels are very nice, just because off their sturdy elegance.

    The weathering and fittings are very natural I can see.

    I like to see your models in the future, all off course from David Hathaway I suppose

    Greetings from Friesland NL

  • Thanks! Yes, the work vessels are interesting to me. I grew up in the shipbuilding towns of Port Glasgow and Greenock (Scotland) in the 60's/70's and used to see many different types of vessel up close. I have more to build from PaperShipwright - I like the lighthouses 😄👍🏻

  • Armando

    Changed the title of the thread from “MV Lütjeoog (PaperShipwright, 1/250)” to “MV Lütjeoog (PaperShipwright, 1/250): Launched”.
  • Hi Armando,

    ´well done´ would have been the commend of my english teacher. There had been no better commendation!

    Best Greetings from Hannover, Dirk

    Dreemol afsneeden und - jümmers noch to kort

  • Hallo Armando,

    ein herrliches kleines Modell! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Fertigstellung und Danke für die Bilder

    Viele Grüße

    Früher oder später, aber gewiss immer wird sich die Natur an allem Tun der Menschen rächen, das wider sie selbst ist. (Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi -1746 - 1827)