MV Lütjeoog (PaperShipwright, 1/250)

  • Here I will attempt to document my third build from the PaperShipwright yard.

    The Lütjeoog is a small inshore buoy tender, built in 1979 (and still in service today).

    The assembly is attached to the building board with small pieces of double-sided tape. I use UHU adhesive. Here, the hull/keel and bulkheads have been assembled. I lightly-sanded the assembly to ensure everything is flush to accept the decks.

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  • Hello Armando,

    I‘m thrilled to see the little „Lütjeoog“ growing under your fingers. I often see her setting so called „Pricken“ (wooden navaids) in the Wadden Sea near my hometown Norden/Norddeich.

    Best regards !


    Fertig: Børøysund (HMV), Bussard (HMV), Lappland (HMV), Scheelenkuhlen (HMV), Seefalke (HMV), Hamburger Hafenbarkassen (Passat), Fehmarnbelt (Jabietz), Astarte Ver. 2 (Passat), CCGS Cove Isle (PaperShipwright), Baltrum (HMV), RNLI Lifeboat „Watson“-Class (HMV).

    Fast fertig: Hamburger Hafendiorama (HMV)

    Im Bau: Nordstjernen (HMV)

    Motto: Du kannst di dreihen as du wullt, de Mors blifft alltied achtern.

  • Would be nice to see that!!

  • Hi,

    I‘ve seen the Lütjeoog last autum in Norddeich ( small town at the coast with the ferries to the islands).

    It was a very nice workboat and so I decided to build it. I will follow your report.

    Good luck

  • I have being working on other hobbies so have made little progress..... I started again yesterday.

    I have added the forward part of the superstructure and forward deck

    Today, I added the lower rear deck.....

    And started building more of the superstructure.....

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  • Starboard side of hull, and transom, are attached..... Rear entrance door (lower deck) attached..... I've attached one of the emergency lockers (red). The two vertical supports between lower/upper decks are styrene rod.

    Some more small items..... Lifebelts, lockers, small boat and funnels. I coated the two funnels with dilute PVA to add strength.....

  • The port hull side is attached - not sure if it's my lack of experience, but I found it didn't line up correctly with the inner bulwark...... I also attempted to drill/cut out the washports - this wasn't completely successful. To hide my (?) mistake, I am adding a tarpaulin that hangs over the side - after paint/weathering, it should look okay.

    I also added the red roof skirt and some details to the starboard bulwark and deck.

    Here, I have added the funnels, rear lockers and life-rings.....

    The nine side bumpers on both port and starboard hull sides are attached - shaky hands and poor eyesight didn't help 😄 You can also see a washport drilled out and more life-rings.

  • This shows the anchor winch, completed.....

    One of the winch gears got lost after I made it 😠 so I replaced it with a short length of plastic rod (left hand side in photo) - I will touch-up with paint, later.

    I assembled the radar, searchlight and dinghy cradle......

    I will touch-up the radar and cradle with paint. The lens of the spotlight was filled over with yellow glass paint.

    This shows each component of the crane.....

    And here is the crane assembled, before paint touch-up ....

  • I have been making the two ladders from styrene..... I used the paper version as a template

    The side pieces are 0.5mm rod and the rungs are 0.25mm. I will paint these white.

  • Hello Amando

    In the links you can see the Bouy laying Vessel Lütjeoog at the shipyard Diedrich in Moormerland just a few miles inland from home port Emden.

    MS „LÜTJEOOG“ - Schiffswerft Diedrich
    Reparatur- und Instandsetzungsarbeiten: Seit dem 22. August liegt die MS „LÜTJEOOG“ des Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamtes Emden auf unserer Werft. Voraussichtlich…

    MS „LÜTJEOOG“ - Schiffswerft Diedrich
    Propellerwechsel:  Eine kurze Werftzeit legt die MS „LÜTJEOOG“ des Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamtes Emden vom 08. bis voraussichtlich 11. Juli ein, um einen…

    I just discovered that there are modellers who have built a model of the Lütjeoog radio controlled.

    The result of that you can find here

    Seezeichenversetzer / Tonnenleger "LÜTJEOOG" 1:33 WSA EMDEN / Hafen Norderney

    Needless to say i adore the little working ships of the Wadden sea.

    Greetings from Friesland NL


  • Thanks, Jos - very useful. The Papershipwright model has very subtle differences to the real thing, I have noticed.

    Mast completed, before touch-up with yellow and black paints......

  • Bit more work. I painted the PVA-soaked tissue tarpaulin I made for the port bulwark. I also started applying subtle weathering with pastels.

    I also made the German flag, making sure to apply folds to it (like it is in the wind).

    I've also been making railings with styrene rod.

  • Crane attached, dinghy and cradle attached, and a few more ancillaries......

    More railings made for (a) mid-deck and (b) wheelhouse roof..... Together with well deck railings, now readied for paint

  • I'm making some 'deck clutter'..... This piece of coiled copper wire will represent a length of hose or cable. I removed the shiny appearance by.....

    ... annealing it in a flame, which also darkens it slightly. I will add some weathering to it.

    Below, depicts the reason why I don't make rapid progress - Rosie enjoys sleeping on my model room chair 😸

  • Nearly finished..... Deck clutter added.....

    I had to carefully remove the mast assembly in order to fit the top railings 😏 Here, I have started glueing the top railings in place. I will re-glue the mast assembly later.

    I will end the construction report here. My next upload will be to the Gallery, of the finished article. Thank you for following and commenting/liking 😄👍🏻