[Kartonowy Arsenał] SdKfz 7 (8~9/99) 1:25 & [Military Model] Flak 36/37 (1-2/96) 1:25

  • Cutting started for the SdKfz 7.


    The goal of this combined project is to connect them together as shown in the cover of the SdKfz 7 and the following photo.

    As Zaphod pointed out, these two kits have very minimum color schemes with one tone of colors.

    Mostly I avoid any brushing with paints. I don't think I could with these two kits.

    I still haven't decided airbrushing or regular brushes though.

    Airbrushing brings in great results, but it took so much effort and preparation...

  • My initial feeling on the kit color was too yellowish and too much reflective.

    After cutting parts out, the parts look OK.

    Even, the #108 pen goes well with the color in the kits.


    I just like the paper feeling by offset-printed colors.


    Construction without major brushing operations is now on the table...

    Wheel construction would test the possibility.

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  • Spitfire


    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement.



    Thank you very much for your lovely encouragement too.

    Since the construction of SdKfz 7 is very similar to SdKfz 7/2, I might go deep into detail in my report.


  • The work for wheel axis.

    Utilizing tooth picks (OD=~2.2mm) as axis.

    Kinds of paper bearing-like insert that will hold the tooth pick axis

    After installation

    Wheels are all installed.

    All rotational and adjustable up and down


  • Hi Seo,

    excellent work!

    You are at working on this model faster than the speed of light!

    The frame and the wheels look so good!

    Cheers to the bay,


    "Es gibt viel zu viele Lautsprecher und viel zuwenig Kopfhörer!"

    Fritz Grünbaum, 1934

  • wiwo1961

    Up to now, the construction was almost identical with SdKfz 7/2. That's why I could save time.

    And Sd.Kfz 7 has less errors in the design than SdKfz 7/2 surprisingly.

    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement.

    Seo by the Bay

  • The work on the front wheels.

    By the way I didn't follow the original design and introduction. But I used the original parts.

    Liquitex Acrylic Yellow Oxide works well with the original color




  • Hello Seo,

    well, you have created a solid base for your sdkfz. Now to put it on track the tracks await, I am sure you will make short work of them.

    Kind regards


  • The work for tracks

    Surprisingly, no assembly instruction is present except the following photo.

    So I did cut all the parts and folded and glued individually.

    Now the time is to assemble the parts.

    First building an assembly jig

  • The track are done as Zaphod expected in a day.

    Track parts were mostly rectangles so that I could cut them out easily.

    Sd.Kfz 7/2 has upgraded Y shape track parts but the original Sd.Kfz 7 has all separated parts.

    The tricky thing was putting them together with fairly small alignment errors.

    The jig helped a lot.

    Here come the results.




  • Hello Seo,

    as suspected, you are the king of the road -ahem- king of the track(s).

    Very neatly done, now the upper section awaits.

    Kind regards


  • Zaphod

    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement.

    I am getting familiar with these trucks.

    Up to now, the works have been almost identical works with Sd.Kfz 7/2.

    The upper section would be different and I would like to keep the original printing color.

    We would see how it would turn out to be.

    Seo by the Bay

  • Hi, Seo

    Looks great! I especially like that you didn't make all the small cuts. Obviously the cardboard was malleable enouch. Just a pity that you can't erase the short black lines.


    Andi Rüegg

    Thank you very much for your kind encouragement.

    I also hate cutting lines but this is an more-than-20-years old model and cutting lines are thickly hand-drawn.

    I could not see a way to disguise them properly. Especially, the paper is vinyl coated. Coloring is not an option.

    However, surprisingly the original color really goes well. I love it.

    The model does not look like a real truck but a model. toy like feeling.

    Seo by the Bay

  • Identical error with 7/2

    The front body frame needs to be raised about 5mm

    to match with the cabin body frame

    I will modify it tomorrow. And Zaphod pointed out in the construction report of SdKfz 7/2, the gap between the fenders and wheel also need to be adjusted.

    it would be major correction operations...

  • Hi Seo...

    Ganz toll gebaut. :thumbsup::thumbup:

    Aber - warum haben die Räder kein Profil auf der Lauffläche? :huh:

    Gruß, Renee

    Im Wald boten sich mir zwei Wege dar.

    Ich nahm den, der weniger betreten war!

  • Hello Seo,

    reoccurring mistake in the construction do not speak well for Halinski.

    Anybody who put the Sonderkraftfahrzeug 7 together must have noticed the glaring gap (abyss?) betwenn the front wheel and its fender.

    Anyway nice work with the body so far!

    Kind regards


  • Hi Seo...

    Ganz toll gebaut. :thumbsup::thumbup:

    Aber - warum haben die Räder kein Profil auf der Lauffläche? :huh:

    Gruß, Renee

    Reinhard Fabisch


    Nice try!!! I almost thought about putting tread on tires. :D

    Actually I did think about it when I put together but I quickly dismissed the ideas.

    I just couldn't find a way to make clean patterns. Laser cutting might work. That was not an option for me.

    I will think about it. I might put tread patterns when I finally build 7/1, completing all three brothers.

    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement.

    Seo by the Bay

  • Zaphod

    I don't know why the gap happens.

    This time, I expect the gap and that's why I built the cabin first and put the front frame to the cabin, testing fit. It was a really good decision not to glue the upper structures.

    For 7/2, the 2nd designer upgraded the fenders, reducing a gap, I guess.

    For 7, the original designer put the gap as shown in the proto building.

    So here I am

    Maybe I was supposed to adjust fender part sizes before putting together.

    Another guess, the proto builder lower the cabin frame to match to the front. (check out the gap between the side cover and the track)

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  • By the way, I found my big mistake.

    The side track cover need to be raised a bit at the end.


    I should make decision whether I could repair it, risking the integrity of the cabin frame....