[Kartonowy Arsenał] SdKfz 7 (8~9/99) 1:25 & [Military Model] Flak 36/37 (1-2/96) 1:25

  • Major correction operation is underway

    Due to a side generator (I guess), the engine is shifted to the side,

    The location of the mounting structure needs to be adjusted.

    Removed and repositioned.


    The steering torsion bar is blocked by the bottom of the engine

    Cut out the bar and reconnected with a re-routed bar


    The front frame is raised 4mm

    Fitting checks. It looks OK.


    In order to reduce the gap between the fender and the front wheel,

    The body frame is cut and will be glue to the front body frame later.

  • The end of the tread side cover is adjusted to be raised.


    The whole upper assembly is shifted forward before glued down so that the front wheel would be at the center of the fender.

    The space between the wheel and fender looks OK.


    So here I am


  • Oh my, what am I going to do?

    The part for the hood is about 5mm shorter than the engine room.

    At the first glance, I thought I made a mistake of putting the radiator and the body frame too far.

    However, #74 is a kind of a hinge and it fits well...That is, I was not wrong......

    Anyhow, the hood parts should be extended with the original color...

    After long hesitation, I decided to sacrifice #92 which is the part for tent frames.

    After never ending fitting checks,

    Now I am taking a break, exhausted...

  • Hello Seo, :rolleyes:

    it is really impressive with what precision and cleanliness you work.:thumbup:

    I am excited because I cannot reach this level

    with best regards from Styria


  • Spitfire


    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement and I am happy that you like my work.

    Seo by the Bay

  • The right side of the hood is done after another round of never ending fitting.



    I made three hinge to upgrade the hood.

    Here is the idea (Not glued yet)


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  • Hi Seo,

    good Idea with the extra hinges!

    Perfectly done!

    Greetings to the bay!


    "Es gibt viel zu viele Lautsprecher und viel zuwenig Kopfhörer!"

    Fritz Grünbaum, 1934

  • wiwo1961


    Thank you very much for your kind encouragement.

    it turned out that the works for the hinges were difficult due to thinner sheets of the original kit paper.

    Seo by the Bay

  • Moin Seo,

    I like the bonnet you rebuilt.

    After all, that's how you can see the engine.

    Greetings from Bremen




    The extra hinges on the hood (bonnet) come out OK and I am glad that I did them.

    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement.

    Seo by the Bay

  • After many of small parts were installed,

    SdKfz 7 is done except the towing tool for a flak and a tent structure.

    The first half is done and now it's time to move on the second half.

    Before moving on,





  • Dear Seo!

    Very, very great Truck! Congratulations!

    Mit besten Grüßen aus Hagen


    "Der Mensch ist nur da in der vollen Bedeutung des Wortes Mensch wo er spielt und er spielt nur da, wo er Mensch ist."
    Friederich Schiller

  • Working on the tires of the flak.

    3 down and 5 to go

    Slowly, I am making slow progress on repeating standard processes for tires after 7 tires.

    The third one on the right look a lot better than the two left ones (1st, 2nd and 3rd from the left)

    I am tweaking a bit processes on each tire., optimizing.

  • Very slow progress...

    For the first a few, I put extra paper strips to shape tires


    Later, it turned out that no strip was necessary.


    By the way, tread patterns were put on thick paper.

    Here are 4 pairs of tires.

  • didibuch


    Thank you very much for your kind encouragement.

    Tire making took much longer time than I expected.

    Even longer than tracks.

    But I am glad you like them and I also learned a few tips.

    Seo by the Bay

  • So many small parts slow down all building progress.

    The base is now done...


    Interesting things were folding locks.

    Lock position



    And lifting the arm


    By the way, I don't know what it is but there is a tether like part.

  • Hi Seo,

    if I would not know it better, I would say you are building the Tamiya 1:35 plastic kit of the 8,8cm gun!

    Absolut excellent work!

    It is a pleasure to watch your progress.

    Cheers to the bay,


    "Es gibt viel zu viele Lautsprecher und viel zuwenig Kopfhörer!"

    Fritz Grünbaum, 1934

  • Hello,

    yes, I was reminded of the Tamiya Kit too which I did at least twice in my youth.

    Needless to say: Grteat work here with all the details and all the parts which could not be made of paper!

    Kind regards


  • wiwo1961


    Thank you so much for your great praises. I needed them. :D

    The small parts were slowly killing me.

    Anyway, we all are weirdos. We love paper modeling but we are much enjoying comments like 'It is like a plastic model'. :thumbsup:

    Seo by the Bay

  • I am not complain the kit.

    But wow.... Instruction is too short and parts do not fit closely.

    There was no marking on 37c and 38c but they are supposed to be glued on 0.8~0.9mm thick paper, which I found later.




  • Spitfire


    Thank you very much for your kind encouragement.

    Recently I noticed that not many modellers here are using CA based instant glues for building models. At the very beginning after a long break in my building, many members in my former modeller community introduced me CA based instant glues. Of course, pros and cons. But they are instant. Paper is special not like wood in my opinion. The shorter time you handle them, the better they look. After I started using instant glues, my models look a lot cleaner. (My opinion only. :D Not verified)

    Seo by the Bay