MRB 2021 Thread #6 - Teilnehmer (1/5): walkiria

  • Hello

    By chance, while browsing the forum, I found this event thread and I really liked this idea. I looked a little in the wardrobe with models and found models of the French Mirage. One from ANSWER, the other from HobbyModel (and one from GMP, but it has an Argentine camouflage). Building a Mirage 2000 model from MSModel (ANSWER) is already guided in this thread by Thomas Stickler in thread #2, so in order not to double I decided to build Mirage from HobbyModel.

    3 weeks to end :thumbsup:

    So hold my beer, sorry baguette and Vive la France!

    Model is old, it is from 1995

    Model is old and comes from 1995 (my model is reprint sold now by Answer). Classically is designed in 1:33 scale. Model itself is not very detailed, but it is also not easy / simple because:

    - poor instruction

    - only few drawings

    - hand drawing parts

    - ant the biggest problems - NO SYMMETRY! In part it is a consequence of hand-drawn elements

    - difference between colors on different sheets, but it is a huge problem for me

    First i scan all forming elements, and in graphics program I mirroring it to get correct symmetry line

    Model build I start from center element (like in instruction). Before forming fuselage element I measure it to get +/- center point in half

    Then I build next segments to fuselage end direction

    Next I join it together

    I think i should be ready before event ending ?(. To next time

  • So hold my beer, sorry baguette and Vive la France!

    So I did but the glas is empty now. Polish bear tastes well but meanwhile please reload your pictures.

    Best Regards


    Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can't see.8o

  • Next - nozzle

    I add ring from cardboard to strengthen connection in last segments

    and back "half" of fuselage

    So, now time for front "half"

  • Hi

    Front "half" of fuselage I start building form centerside segment.

    In this segment is small problem with passing (cover part is to small so there is a tight gap)

    On downside I added small recesses from black paper for the gun barrels (in project it should be only small cut for barrel)

    Cockpit element with side panels - I cut out back stripe, and I glue it as a separate element

    Cockpit segments - I glued it without former. Formers I put inside when both parts dry and cockpit element fit to fuselage parts (next small gap, but it be covered in future with cockpit back element)

    Next small "problem" with fit

    It isn't huge problem, because this will be covered with instrument panel elements

  • Hi

    After cockpit segment I made side air intakes

    Sadly, reverse side of frame element is "white", so I glued it on dark blue color paper

    Cover elements require little adjustment to fit to rest fuselage

    And how it looks (upper element of fuselage is also glued)

    And nose segments - simple cone and few rings

    To next time - wings ;)

  • You make the best one can make out of it. In the end it should work out quite fine I think.

    I assume it is really "only" a reprint? No adjustments or amendments of errors...

    BR, Thomas

  • After checking the frames, the rest are parts of the model. if not for the fact that the lack of symmetry on the frames is evidently visible, I would probably not notice that something is wrong either.

    The reprint is sold in the ANSWER store and marked as such. However, I have seen sheets of the original 1995 model. And this reprint is poor - no correction is visible, someplace "noise" from skanning. The only change I noticed was the blue gradient on the cockpit "glass" element. In the original version, it is a white element with a border

    Border of some part is like kid game - join dots 8o

    Paper is quite good quality :thumbsup:

  • Hello

    Wings frame is very simple - only few beams form cardboard. To strength them it I add reinforcement from wood stick. All 3 beams needed small horizontal correction

    Some funny problem is that, wings are made from 4 big elements and 2 smaller - flaps, and all 6 elements are different ?( which one are correct ?( probably every element is correct to some stage

  • Hi

    Wings in progress - first, down side parts - you can see almost all palette of shades of gray in model

    Next upper side parts - white tabs for "flaps" parts

    Little bit of a shame, there were camouflage spots displacements, but for me it isn't big problem.

    I decided to make this model "in flight" without landing gears because this aircraft have a nice compact shape ;)

  • Hi

    Next progress with wings - flaps elements. The upper side is OK, but the bottom side is not so much :( - quite a lot of mistakes

    Tail elements - very simple, but fit OK

    And tail details - element at the base of the tail i must remade. I cut it into 3 parts: sides and back, because in original it is impossible to make it right. Now it looks almost as it should