Jet trainer TS-11 Iskra (Spark) from WAK in 1:33

  • Hi

    Today I woudlike You to present building of my new model - PZL-Mielec jet trainer: TS-11 Iskra (Spark) from WAK in scale 1:33 (no. 6-7/2020 - no. 184)

    Few years ago i made prewious version of this same model/project from Renova in Radom Air Show colors.

    New version is "upgraded" by adding simple cockpit and some frame modification to put cocpits inside fuselage. We can made this model in 2 wariants: one like elier version in RENOVA, or in new with cocpits.

    I have very mixed feeling about this model

    WAK model present attractive 4 color "NAVY" camouflage, but IMO printed colors are to dark (maybe blue is OK). In nature, the colors are strong and intense, in the model they looks faded. In worse lighting is small difference between dark gray and green - both colors come out "dark". IMO this is biggest MINUS of this model.

    Next minus is that some parts printed elier on thin paper in this model are printed on cardboard - I'll see how it turns out

    About building models: for the first cockpit frame and the cockpit recess element itself

    When I cut out cockpit element I cut it out with small joint tabs, but after gluing it to frame, I decide to cut them out

  • Hello

    I divide whole fuselage for 3 parts: nose, center and tail beam.

    For begining i made center with pilots cabin, so after assembling cockpits frame I made fuselage parts. First I form and glue first two parts of cockpits segments "in air" without former (only dry fit on frame).

    When glue dry I put inside frame.

    Then I made next segment

    Center part

    see you later ;)

  • Walkiria,

    Very nicely and cleanly done.

    Definitely I will follow your report.
    Please keep on your great work.

    Seo by the Bay

  • Hi

    This time next parts:

    Tail beam - fuselage ends with nozzle

    and with beam

    second - nose parts.

    For weight ballast I used small screw - for finish model balans I decide to wait at end. Probably I add small ballast in front instruments panel box ?(

    All 3 main fuselage modules

    Now I must glue it together

  • Hello

    After fuselage, time for main wings.

    I add a piece of cardboard "plate" for more stability in center for landing gears.

    Then I made a sack / envelope of covering parts

    And put inside assembled frame

    When wings parts dry i glued them to fuselage

    And add small supports elements (this added elements are formers for intake and landing gears covers elements)

    To next time :)

  • Hello

    After small break with event model (model) I come back to Iskra.

    So for starts, the downside covers elements - I form and made it as separate element

    then glue it do fuselage frame

    And next both air intakes elements

  • Hi

    After small break, whole cockpit is ready

    Landing gears - seriously, very funny elements. In previous version, this parts are printed on thin sheets, in they are on thick paper. Becouse this looks awfol, I print this elements on thin 80g paper (I elier scan all model sheets for "backup").

    Difference You can see below (left actual version; right like in previous "RADOM" version).

    White part of elements goes inside to fuselage and wings.

    Wheels (as before, several cardboard disks - for outsides I used black cardboard paper)

    And assembled landing gears

    For next, gluing it do model