star truck

  • Hi guys, finished the Star C-25 truck which will pull the car transporter ,Its the Angraf model no 211 ,I will start the trailer today . Don't know long the trailer will take to build but will show photos when complete. Then five cars ,they look cool. Cheers Kevin .

  • Hello Kevin,

    your Star-Truck looks very nice:thumbup:I was building another version from Winter 2019 to Spring 2020. I called it "The Concrete Mixer of Hell":cursing:

    The Model Kit had a very bad fit and I felt like doing the unofficial Betatest while building it:pinch::wacko::huh:

    So I'm interested how you think about this work of Mr. Wandtke. Did you also have Problems or Argue or is it maybe my own German Problem?



  • Hi Daniel, firstly wow, yours look's awesome, well done . The instructions are really bad ,and a lot of building the model was like building in the dark.

    You must be really happy how you model turned out , I ha a lot of issues with the rear leaf springs , and only put one set on not the 2 as per the instructions. Thank you for your lovely photos I wish I had talked to you before building mine :):thumbup: kind regards Kevin.

  • Hi Kevin,

    thank you very much for the compliments:thumbup:The Concrete Mixer of Hell took place in a modeling competition back in 2020. I've made a construction report here: https://www.die-kartonmodellba…gen-im-ma%C3%9Fstab-1-25/ With some online Translation you may understand it. I was arguing very much during the model build. I used the Lasercut, which had some mistakes, of course:cursing:I had big Problems with the roof, because of not understandig the instructions. The Concrete-Mixing section was also very bad to build and place:thumbdown:And then, at the very end, I was heavily arguing about the non-existent fit of the rear fenders:wacko:On your version the rear fenders are constructed in a different way, I hope that's better to build.

    But finally, there's the completed model:rolleyes:

    I hope you'll also show us the Trailer with the cars on it, when you're finished. To look at this Model will be a Highlight. To build it... maybe just another Wandtke-Nightmare:pinch:



  • Hi Daniel, I really wish I had found your building report before building my model. But like you, I really like my cute little truck:D.

    Who knows it maybe the only Star 25 truck in New Zealand.:thumbup: Will keep you posted on the trailer and cars kind regards Kevin.