[GPM] Sd.Kfz.251/1 Ausf.C 1:25

  • It is my first model from GPM. Actually I have not finished any vehicle models.

    I tried one once but it didn't work out.

    I hope I could finish this.

    Getting nervous about the GPM assembly introduction style,

    I just started the body work.


  • Hello Seo

    There is a Video on YouTube about this model. ( Just for motivation). Serching for GPM. I find Vihicles very biutiful but it´s HAAAAAARD Work.

  • Krach Bumm

    Thank you so much for directing me to the video.

    Definitely it is a nice model. I am not just familiar with a vehicle modeling.

    It is a lot different with a propeller plane modeling.

    I hope I am catching up.

    Seo by the Bay

  • The work for the front panel

    The serious design errors on the the front panel


    After tweaking a bit or a lot


    The work for the top panel


    and here I am


  • Hello Seo,

    excellent result at the front, how did you close this horrible gap that well?

    I think the wheels and the tracks will be the most taxing work.

    Kind regards


  • Zaphod

    Thank you very much for your kind words.

    Here are what I did.

    (1) The first problem

    Cut the edge of the front panel as shown in the drawing.

    and (2) the second problem

    Cut the edges of the bottom plate.

  • Cutting spree started.

    I thought about punching instead of cutting.

    But I gave up the idea quickly.

    Punching is not accurate...

    Wheels go first.

    In the first batch of 32 wheels with 6 holes.

    Total 192 holes. Each hole need ~20 stroke of cutting....

    After ~ 3840 strokes....

    32 wheels down, 24 wheels with 9 holes to go.

    I should make 4320 strokes in the second batch of wheels.


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  • Hello Seo,

    wow, counting the strokes really makes one think how many millions of them ane did already.

    I am not a punch-man too, prefere to cut, as you said: slower, but (for me) more precise.

    Kind regards


  • Zaphod

    It is my first time to cut these laborious parts.

    Up to now, I intentionally had avoided them, focusing on WWII planes.

    The downside of the work is wrist pain and the upside is kinds of state in NIRVANA, 'a cutter is myself and I am a cutter'.

    A little addictive. :thumbsup:

    Seo by the Bay

  • Hi Seo,

    cutting out holes, thats the medidative part of our hobby. :D

    You do a fine and good work!

    Greetings to the bay!


    "Es gibt viel zu viele Lautsprecher und viel zuwenig Kopfhörer!"

    Fritz Grünbaum, 1934

  • wiwo1961

    That's right. Meditative cutting seems to lower blood pressure.

    Thank you very much for your kind encouragement.

    Seo by the Bay

  • Now punch spree on track parts.

    (52 elements on each side) x 2 (Left and Right) x 2 (Front and Back) x 6 holes = 1248

    Testing punching

    156 down 1092 to go

  • Zaphod

    You are absolutely right.

    I am feeling a lot more comfortable with punching holes or cutting holes.

    Seo by the Bay

  • Hello Seo,

    I guess assembling tracks can be as boring as counting the grains of sand in the Sahara desert.

    I´ve got two questions:

    There are 8 parts of tracks 4 wide and 4 narrow - I didn´t quit get how these are put together. Are they just inner side (narrow) and outer side (wide) which are glued together back-to-back?

    And if so: how did you get the myriad of holes to match?

    As for the wheels: Your first results look great, how did you proceed?

    Kind regards


  • Spitfire


    Thank you very much for your kind encouragement and I need ones while I am cutting a lot of boring parts.

    In order to finish these boring works, I have only two options.

    Do it quickly or stop it.

    I chose the first one.

    Seo by the Bay

  • Zaphod

    I like your expression. Counting the grains of sands in the Sahara desert....

    I am just padding myself on the back 'Well done...well done...'

    About your question.

    1) Track

    I don't have many photos but your guess is right. 8 strips -- 4 Inner (Wide) and 4 outer (Narrow)

    Inner tracks have spikes that has to be folded before clued to outer tracks.


    1-1) Hole alignment

    Frankly I didn't pay attention on hole alignments. I also thought it is impossible to align them well. I thought that I might punch the hole after the outer and inner tracks were glued. I dismissed the idea because I thought that the paper would be too thick to punch nice holes and too delicate to handle the tracks during punching. So my first goal was to align the outer and inner tracks on the edge.

    By the way, the coloring design on the track parts has hole markings. I tried my best to punch hole as close as hole marking.

    2) Wheels.

    The first set was to see what would be the best way to make clean wheels.

    After a test run, I found the most difficult work is to glue two '78's to '78a'

    78 is a ring and 78a is a strip

    My first trial was to put 78 to 77 (wheel) first and then glue 78a to 78. It didn't work. There was no way to align front and back rings while I was gluing them to a wheel. So.....