Trainer Short TUCANO in 1:33 from ANSWER

  • Hi

    This time I would like You to present making model of two-seat turboprop military training aircraft Short Tucano.

    Model is from ANSWER "Kartonowe Hobby" in 1:33 scale and was published in 2015 (so it isn't very new ;)).

    Model present British version of licenced Embraer aircraft.

    Model cover

    In model, hulb is dividdest for a few basic segments. For first I made center segment with pilots cockpit - almost all frame element i glued on 0,5mm cardboard (in instruction is 1mm, but I used 1mm cardboard only for longitudinal element).

    Next I glued inside ready frame the cockpit element with all side panels. Then I glued top side elements glued elier on 1mm cardboard (for more stability).

    After this I made both control panels and put it inside cockpit frame. At this moment I don't make any additional elements on the cockpit so as not to damage them while doing the rest fuselage

    See You later

  • Very very nice and clean works!!!

    It is great to see another airplane modeller.

    I will follow your construction report definitely.

    Seo by the Bay

  • Hi

    Small progres ;) - nothing "special"

    In front part I cut out 2 holes for the exhaust pipes (yellow inner side of frame I must colored black)

    Parallel - tail segment frame (all parts glued elier on 0,5mm cardboard)

  • Hi

    This time, tail segment parts photos:

    Then I glue steering fin (In model it can be separated, but I make it "build in") next glued upper parts starting from end

    Next segment - nose with engine

  • Hello

    First, missed photo of tail segment

    Nose segment - (assembly instruction here is poor so I did it by feel according to the drawings)

    And how it looks

    There is a small error - the side number of maschine "407" isn't in line. On both cover parts number is in different angle. One side don't pass "40" and on opposite "07", or vice versa "7" / "4" like You want ;)

  • Hello

    Finally, the whole hull in one piece

    And wings - for first construction frame (wings will be connected to fuselage by 2 wire). In wings I cut out holes for landing gear. This time I will make plane "on ground" with open landing gears.

    So, to next time ;)

  • Hi

    Wings assembly continued - both wings in right place

    Next, wing-fuselage masking profiles

    At the moment, I don't stick the central masking element "38A" on downside, so that the print does not rub off from putting the model on the "belly" - I will glue this element in future

    All elements fit quite good

  • Hi

    Today, steering wings on the tail. Both elements are joined by a wire passed through the rudder.

    How It looks from distance - almost finish whole fuselageH

    And added small reinforces element on front of steering parts

  • Hello

    I come back to cockpit.

    Steering stick I made from piece of toothpicks (similar diameter) wrapped piece of original part - end painted black

    Ejection seats - both the same

    Some details in pilots cockpits - additional instrument panels


    Mirrors I made form pieces of glossy paper (from Halls drops wrapping ;))

  • Hello

    Today: Landing gears

    Wheels I made from few 1mm cardboard discs, sanded to get right shape. Then I painted it black

    Then I made rest of landing gears parts.

    Again, I used glossy paper to imitate the exposed parts of the hydraulic suspension

    And landing gears glued to model

    In order for the model not to fall on the tail, I had to place a lot of weight in the front part of the fuselage (all 3 wheels are in front half of model length).

    For next: cockpit canopy - I will use dedicated to this model ready canopy from Answer

  • Hi

    As I announced, canpoy

    For first I put inside cockpit two seats for pilots, then I gloe internal canopy frame

    Dry passing external frame on canopy

    Then vacuum canopy made by Answer

    Then glued external frame

  • Hello

    Today, some details

    Exhaust pipes - first I glue it in roll, then cut out unnecessary fragments and bent them to the appropriate shape

    Then time for "pilots cooling systems"

    Propeller cap

    Blades - (small reinforcement by piece of wire)

    Propeller axis I made from a piece of toothpick. One end I glue to fuselage and on rest will be rotated propoler secured by another roll glued to opposite end

    For better glide I used disks from astralon as separating washers

    And it looks

  • Hi,

    After a long break, a few photos to supplement the model with small details - such as antennas, exhaust pipes, etc.

    And finish model:

    I will probably make a separate gallery with more photos.

    To next time :)

  • Congratulations on your new model.

    It looks so great. Very well done.

    It has been a great pleasure to follow your report.

    I look forward to seeing your next model soon.

    Seo by the Bay