[Kartonowy Arsenał] 1/2008 Brewster B-239 Buffalo 1:33 (Halinski)

  • The last work for the cowling

    The inner layer of the cowling was glued with a wet glue and then W33 was put to fix the shape of the cowling while the glue is drying.


  • The works for the vertical stabilizer

    The frame.

    There is no pairing part, which often could cover any misfit between a vertical stabilizer and fuselage.


    The front section of the vertical stabilizer


  • SEO, Your build needs to be published like a separate magazin: "Build Guide for B-239 Buffalo from Halinski"


    Thank you so much for your kind comment.

    I am not usually good at keeping the model safe and clean that I built. Many of my previous models were broken down and, as we all agree, it is very difficult to fix or repair paper models. So I try to take as many photos as possible when I build the models. Also I have the photos posted in the forum to keep them safely and to share & seek for any advice. Recently, I frequently build similar variants of Halinski models and detailed photos have helped me a lot to prevent my mistakes. After a decade, memories will fades away and photos are only witnesses that I had tried. :D

  • The work for main wings.

    The frames...

    The part of landing gear bays

    The fit was checked and ~0.5mm mismatch was observed near the location for an aileron.

    The frame got adjusted and the fit was checked again.


  • The left main wing is temporarily assembled to check the fit.

    Slightly the left wing is mismatched but it looks adjustable when the wing permanently is glued.


    It is time to move on the right wing.

  • The work for the right side main wing.

    It looks OK after a lot of sanding and grinding.

    The wings are temporarily assembled. Before permanent assembly, more works on landing gear bay are needed.


  • Halinski should have published this in pre-war-colours, just like the wind-indicator:


    With Svastikas on your Model you can't visit exhibitions or your monthly modelers meeting. And then we have a problem with our german history. Svastikas in the model corner of your living room are not very correct in a political way.

    I'm arguing for years now because of Halinski publishing his Brewster Buffalo as a finnish version:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    and Seo: Great work, by the way:thumbsup:



  • Daniel F.


    Understood. I am not a German or Japanese. I might not fully understand the problems.

    To me, history is just history, but I agree that it can not be ignored or it should not be forgotten.

    I try not to avoid German or Japanese models.

    I know I could not be the meeting with these models and I might receive very less popularity.

    No problem. To me, build models is just a pure joy. That would be enough. :thumbup:

    Seo by the Bay

    PS. My next model would be P-51D. At least I could skip photo masking processes.

  • Hi Seo,

    for you, as a non-german, it shouldn't be a personal problem. For you it's only "the evil side of mankind". For you, evil people in movies speak German. For me, everybody in a movie speaks german:P

    German WWII aircraft is part of the world's history and definetely should be mentioned in modeling. But I'm not the person who wants to work with those strong and evil symbols.

    I have absolutely no problem with japanese WWII-Fighters. I'm not japanese, that's not my history. On the japanese section, I only see lots of very interesting constructions and Designs. The red meat-ball doesn't speak politically to me.

    That's maybe how "point of view" works;)



    ...by the way, there's a FW190 "Papagei" in my collection. The design was stronger than my political concerns. I don't know if I'll build it some day?(

  • Daniel F.


    I could see your dilemma. I am pretty sure that the Halinski Papagei is a beautiful model. I don't have one in my collection and definitely it will be in my next batch of Halinski orders. Thank you for the info. :D

    Seo by the Bay

  • The works to attach main wings permanently.

    There is no pairing part for wings and the fuselage.

    The main focus of the work would be how to minimize any gap at connection areas.

    The right wing


    The left wing


    After all are done,


  • Nose Art so to say.:D


    (1) Wer Leime oder andere klebende Stoffe oder Bindemittel in Umlauf oder zur Anwendung bringt und sie dabei an seinen Fingern verteilt, der haftet.

    (2) Wer nichthaftenden Leim oder andere nichtklebende Stoffe oder Nichtbindemittel in Umlauf oder zur Anwendung bringt, der kann dafür in Haft genommen werden.

    (3) Der Hersteller von Leim oder anderen klebenden Stoffen oder Bindemitteln haftet für die Haftung.

  • Zaphod

    Thank you so much for your kind encouragement.

    I made a little mistake during the cutting phase. In results, a bit large gap happened.

    Painting inside with a black color worked better than expected.

    Seo by the Bay

  • The work for a canopy.

    The vacuum forming idea works after several trials and errors.


    Here the DIY system looks.

    A hood filter (metal mesh ~$6) was taped to the cardboard box that was air-tight sealed with a duck tape.

    A house vacuum hose was connected.

    The real game changer was a heat gun which was bought from Amazon.com ~$28.


    Despite of over budgeting, I am happy to see it work.

  • Hello Seo,

    this looks like the real deal ! The mechanism definitely is much simpler as that of a Wildcat, do you know how stable it was in comparison?

    Kind regards