[Kartonowy Arsenał] 1/2010 Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-Kai (Halinski)

  • I finished this model about 7 years ago but I found that I hadn't shared the construction report.

    Here comes the report.

    The back skin part of the fuselage was assembled without the skeleton in it.

    The tail skeleton got separated for eacy insertion into the fuselage.

    The front and middle parts of the fuselage also got assembled without skeletons.

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  • Here comes the assembly of the cockpit.

    Some of the back skeleton were inserted.

    For easy insertion, the cockpit was cut into two parts as shown in the down left picture.

    The front part was placed first.

  • After the cockpit insertion was finished,...

    The skeleton for the main wings was assembled and placed.

    , followed by the skin assembly works for the main wings.

  • The rotary engine was assembled.

    And then it was put together with the fuselage.

    The canopy.

    The landing gear bay

    The spinner

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