Poláky Chateau / Z-Art / 1:150

  • New paper model of Poláky Chateau, located near Kadan, Czech Republic. This model is unique as it shows the FUTURE look of the chateau, which is under reconstruction at the moment.

    The scale of our model is 1:150, and the size of a finished model s 46 cms x 29 cms x 12cms (or in inches, 18´´ length, 11.5´´ width and 5´´ height. If you are among the first 100 people to order, we will send you a thin chain to improve the look of the model (chains between posts). You can also purchase laser cuts for better look of the railings.

    Scale: 1:150

    Sizes: 12cm x 29cm x 46cm

    More here: https://www.zartmodely.cz