Aircraft MiG AT "83" from GPM, 1:33

  • Hi

    This time I would like You present of building model MiG AT 83 aircraft from GPM.

    In buil I decide to use joint tab variant of model (model is designed to use double reinforced elements or join tab witch 1 rib).

    All hub structural elements I glued on 1mm cardboard (wings elements on 0,5 mm).

    For beginning I make two central segments behind cockpit (I make small holes for wings elements).

    Then I made the rear cockpit

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  • Die hab ich auch schon im Regal liegen.:cool:

    Cooler Fliescher. Interessant ist die neuartige Konstruktion des Bogens da zb die Radkästen und das Cockpit aus ein Bauteil bestehen.

  • Yep. Strange, a bit complicated, but it can be done. This same method with the front landing gear compartment. I made some joining tabs to better connect between both elements of landing gear compartment.

  • Hab aber trotzdem eine Frage. Warum schneidest du die Laschen nicht richtig aus ?(. Nicht das beim zusammenkleben druckstellen entstehen.

  • Everything is OK. :)

    I don't cut tabs, because in this case they is stronger (cuted out are more delicate and can be broken when operate with segment element). I cut out joining tabs right before assembly with another element/segment.

    All uper segments together

  • Hi

    Next stage - Tail

    I remake connection between both big tail elements, to using join tabs (in project they are double bold elements).

    I thing this type of connection looks better

    Tail and fuselage (not glued yet)

    Looks quite good ;)

  • Hi

    This time - engine segments.

    First I made inner parts of intakes and all parts of nozzles.

    Then I form outside past of intakes. Then put inside elier glued inner parts and glued small stripe on front

    After this I made engine segment - one big parts witch complicated designe. In one side is good, becouse it is only one pice glued with some join tabs, other side it isn't easy to form.

    At all I glued all parts together.


  • All wings structural elements first glued on 0,5mm cardboard (In the instruction, I didn't found information about the thickness of the cardboard to divide the elements, but when analyzing the slots to be cut, it turned out that 0.5mm).

    Nearby main landing gear compartment I added some piece of 1mm cardboard to make this place stronger for landing gear wire

    To strengthen the wing structure and better stabllity, I glued a piece of wooden stick to the front spar. In middle area I moved harded elements to top - it should give better shape in this specific area.