SNECMA C-450-01 COLEOPTERE from QUEST no. 3/2003 in scale 1:33

  • Hi

    This time, i would like present of building card model SNECMA C-450-01 COLEOPTERE from QUEST Model Kartonowy no. 3/2003 (015) in scale 1:33.

    Like in instruction, for first, back half of fuselage. Thist part of fuselage is nothing unusual. All structural elements harded with 1mm cardboard. All edges corrected with soft pencil 2B. I don't know if this is a mistake in design, but there are no longitudinal joining tabs for fuselage cover parts - I made it self using not printed fragments of model card sheets.

    Little surprise - inner engine exhaust part is 1~1,5mm too long compared to the exterior, so I must cut it to fit length.

    Next, small central wings - structural frame and cover parts - 4 set of elements - frame and cover not glued together at this moment

    That's all for this moment. See you

  • Hello after small break ;)

    After gluing the fuselage parts, I started gluing the barrel wing - there will be a few posts showing the work progress

    First, from the earlier prepared parts, I glued the middle wing supports, then glued them to the fuselage as ready-made sets. To glued it, I made special template to set them up in correctly position.

    Then I started gluing the "wing". As in the instruction, the construction has been divided into 4 segments - quarters. This applies to both the frame and the elements of the inner and outer cover.


  • First, I glued together 4 sets of frames, matching the adjacent elements to each other. Then I formed and glued 4 sets of internal sheathing, and finally 4 sets of external sheathing.

    After the glue dried on the prepared elements, I began to slowly assemble the entire barrel. First, I glued elements of the inner cover to the frame of each quater.

    Then I glued 4 quarters into 2 halves, and these in turn form a ring.


  • After gluing the barrel to the inside, I inserted the previously made fuselage to check the fit. In order to fix the circular shape, I put the so-glued "barrel" on the conical vase and poured glue over all the joints points.

    The next day, when the glue had dried well, I began to glue the outer cover. However, unlike in the instructions, I glued them one by one. This allowed for easier positioning and gluing to the frame. After sticking all the elements, I put the whole thing aside for the next glue drying.

    That's all at this moments :).

    I don't stick the fuselage to the barrel because I think it will be easier to build the front half of the fuselage. I plan to glue both elements after making a full fuselage.

    To next time

  • Hi

    After assembling barrel wing, it time to finish fuselage.

    First pilot cockpit. In model it have two layers - inner side and outside. To montage inner cover designer project special temporery assembly frame. With it butilding is realy easier.

    So the inner side ("glass" element make from thin pvc - called "astralon")

    Pilot cockpit elements

    And glued together with outside cover


  • After that, I make cockpit canopy.

    For "glass" canopy I used defect ready canopy from shop dedicated for other model - in this case front half of canopy to TS 11-Iskra model. I didn't found ready canopy for this model

    Back side canopy elements

    Glued adapted canopy - it have little bit different shape, but not much - mesh elements only required minimal cropping.

    I think isn't bad

    So to next time

    PS. Without barrel it look like spaceship :cool: - maybe I should change category?

  • Today landing gears

    Support parts

    Wheels made of several discs, polished and painted black

    Landing gears support with small outside wings (almost finished barrel)

    And barrel wing with completed landing gears