• Hello

    I would like to present you the report on the building the EUROCPOTER BK-117 halikopter model from the SCHREIBER-BOGEN. Author of the model is Paweł Mistewicz.

    The original model is in 1:24 scale, I made it a little smaller - I downsize it to 1:33 (to fit the rest of the collection). And I would like to show you the build of such reduced model.

    Because I reduced model, and some element needs corect thickness (I don't want to remaking whole thing), all parts of structre I glued on 0,5mm cardborad (original 1mm).

    I started model building from folding whole hull base structure. After assembling the bold elements, I poured glue on all joints and set frame to dry.

    Then I shaped the cover elements. I divided the whole hull covering elements into 4 segments:

    - lower part of the nose

    - upper nose with "windows"

    - central part

    - rear hull

    Then I covered the entire frame with prepared segments: first the middle part, then the upper part of the nose, then the lower part of the nose and finally the back.

    All joining tabs i glued to element, not to frame (like in instruction). For my opinion this is better way and esier to forming. To correct the edges I use a oil crayon.

    To next time :)

  • Hi

    After assembling hull and the cover elements, I made the support frame for engines and gearbox. I glued it to hull one by one until hole set is done.

    For the front element on the roof, first I form the cover elements and next I made the small frame. After elemenets dry, I fit both parts together. After matching, I glued the frame to corect place on the roof and next plase the cover element.

    After the components are dry, I will build the engine/top cover.

    To next time :)

  • Hi everyone

    In the last few days, made some elements.

    First, I made the upper part of the sheathing - the cover of the power unit, gearbox etc. Unfortunately, during forming, the paper, instead of smoothly forming, broken in several places on a sharp arc (it is especially visible on the central element).

    Then I made the tail boom along with the rudders and the cover of the rear propeller shaft. The place of gluing the beam to the fuselage, as in the manual, is covered with a suitable element. For to fit (with color), i must cut it to two halves. The top cut is next covered with the shaft guard element.

    I glued the fin to the finished beam. Both side stabilizers are slightly inclined from the fuselage axis to the left. I covered the edges of the ballasts with narrow stripes(red stripes elements on the sheets without numbers).

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