Wallachian Wooden house / 1:150 / Z-Art

  • Dear friends,

    let us introduce you a new paper model by Z-art. It shows an old wooden house located in the Czech Republic. It´s one of our „2 in 1“ models - meaning you can make a classic paper model as you know it or colour your own textures onto a white model and then cut out and assemble the house.

    This model represents an old Walachian wooden house with a garden and a separated farm area created by a latrine, a goat shed and a chicken coop. There is a fence around the garden and another fence separating the garden from the muddy farm area. Most of the textures in this model are hand – painted. This model also lets you show your creativity – there is also another white model of the same house and garden included which you can colour and decorate according to your imagination. You can make both (if you cut one of them, you won´t destroy the other one).

    Scale: 1:150

    Sizes: Height: 7cm, Width: 16cm, Lenght: 20cm

    Difficulty 1-5: 2

    More Here:https://www.zartmodely.cz

    [Blocked Image: http://www.zartmodely.cz/nahled/ob_drevenice1.png]