CAUDRON C366 ATALANTE Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe 1934 au 1/66

  • The Regnier company having acquired one of the 3 Caudron C360 built in order to compet at the race « coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe 1936».

    This airplane was equipped with the Regnier R6 engine, a 6 cylinder in-line inverted engine of 7.95 liters and an initial power of 205hp.

    This engine, a little heavier than the Renault for which the airframe had been initially planned, obliged Regnier to shorten the frame of the firewall because of a more forward centering. The fuselage is thus reduced by about twenty centimetres.

    Accidentally injured during the tests, he had to abandon.

    Repaired, the power of its engine increased to 220hp, it finished second in the 1934 edition of the cup.

    Compared to its presentation in 1933, we will note an extended hood air intake. The inscriptions on the fin have been modified, and a red and white band encircles its fuselage behind the cockpit. He was given the race number 4.

    The story of this airplane and its free downlable cards are (as for my others models) on my web site.…a-meurthe-1934-a183438938

    The car is in papel and human bodies are from

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