CAUDRON C450 coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe 1935 at 1/66 scale.

  • May 19, 1935 Etampes-Mondesir airfield for the " Deutsch Meurth cup".

    The Caudron C450, winner of the 1934 cup, is towed onto the track to compete in this new edition.

    Start of the first race. The C450 engine refuses to start. The spark plugs have to be changed, which makes Monville lose a quarter of an hour and leaves him with a handicap that is impossible to overcome.

    In the afternoon Arnoux replaces Monville aboard the C450 to compete in the second race part. Unfortunately, the devein forces him to land due to a new fouling of the spark plugs. After being repaired, he took off again and continues his round at an average speed of 400km/h and finished the race in third place behind the Caudron C460 of Delmotte and Lacombe.

    The plane was then kept in reserve. There were many tests of engine cooling (experimenting with conventional radiators and new air intakes) and a retractable landing gear.

    The adventure of the 6910 will not stop there since, equipped with a thrust version of its engine, and equipped with its fixed gear, we will find it transformed into a two-seater taking down the world speed records of its category. It was designed C450R2, model that I have already proposed to you.

    The C450 epic will not stop there since it was entered and won the Deutsch Meurthe Cup in 1936!

    To be continued.

    Moto, tractor and figures are in papel. Human bodies are from

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