CAUDRON C450R2 échelle 1/66

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    Etampes airfield (France) on September 9, 1936. compressed air connected to start the engine, the mechanic waits for Gracieuse Lallus to stick his head into the tiny space at the front of the aircraft to close the access.

    Maurice Arnoux, at the controls, is ready to start his engine and set out to set new speed records.


    This is the only C450 airframe n°6910, winner of the "Deutsch de la Meurthe" Cup in 1934 and holder of numerous speed records, including those "set" by Hélène Boucher.

    This airframe was equipped with an improved Renault 456 engine, pushed to 370 hp on the bench, allowing engine overloads of limited duration.

    An additional surface radiator was installed on the left side of the engine hood.

    Intended to tackle the speed records in the light multi-seat aircraft category with an unladen weight limited to 560kg, it was naturally designated C450R2.

    A rudimentary passenger seat, drowned in the fuselage, was arranged between the engine and the cockpit, behind the fuel tank.

    It makes it possible to accomodate a person of small size.

    An upper sliding glass panel allows access to it, and two small portholes on the sides give a semblance of visibility towards the ground.

    Note that the passenger will have to bear the noise and heat of the engine, which is hellish despite the addition of an extra radiator!

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