CAUDRON C450 d'Hélène Boucher 1/66


    In June 1934, Hélène Boucher signed a contract with the new company Caudron-Renault.

    On July 8, 1934, she finished second at the "12 heures d'Angers" on Caudron C530 Rafale to the general astonishment. She flew her aircraft alone (her crewmember did not know how to fly) while the winning crew took turns.

    Conquered but cautious, Riffard, the "Father" of the Caudron race planes, entrusted her with the Caudron C450 "13" which won the last "Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup", to try to hit a few records.

    On August 8, 1934, in Istres (south of France), triumphant success. The women's record over 100km, and above all the all categories record over 1000km, are beaten at 412.371km and 409.184km/h.

    Hélène Boucher is the first woman in the history of aviation to hold the international speed record for all categories (class C) over 1000km.

    Three days later, on August 11th, she brought the world record for women's (speed on base) to 445.028km/h.

    Hélène Boucher is the holder of seven records, six of which are on Caudron-Renault aircraft.

    On October 30 she was killed near Guyancourt airfield (near Paris) aboard her Caudron C430 Rafale F-AMVB. She was 26 years old.

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