Model Shows in Poland

  • Some of you may know that Poland is the country where model shows take place very often. They are organized several times each month throughout the country. Every model show also has a modeling competition where modelers display their models.
    JSC visits many shows in Poland. There are 13 more to visit for us this year.

    For those of you who are planning holiday in Poland or just a short break in our country, there is a list of model shows where you can meet JSC team. Other publishers will be there also. If you go there you will see lots of great models published by paper model companies all over the world. At every show you can buy models from well-known (mainly Polish) companies which have their stands there.
    All model shows take place at weekends and they are open to the public on Sundays, but some of them are open to the public both days. Competitors can visit the shows both days.
    Soooo - after far too long beginning :) there is a list and the map of model shows in Poland 2018 where JSC will be with their stand:

    1. 12-13 May - Kruszwica
    2. 19-20 May - Inowroclaw
    3. 9-10 June - Warszawa
    4. 23-24 June - Bogatynia
    5. 7-8 July - Czarna Bialostocka
    6. 21-22 July - Chelmza
    7. 28-29 July - Klaipeda (Lithiania)
    8. 15-16 September - Przeciszow
    9. 29 September -Sandomierz
    10. 30 September - Bielsko-Biala
    11. 6-7 October - Szczecin
    12. 13-14 October - Wloclawek
    13. 17-18 November - Opalenica

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    Vielen Dank für die Termine. Mich interessieren besonders die Ausstellungen in Schlesien. Vielleicht komme ich Euch dieses Jahr besuchen?

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