Steam locomotive wheel connecting/driving rods

  • Steam locomotive wheel connecting/driving rods.

    Wheel train: As far as the connecting rods of the driving wheels are concerned, are the 2 sides of steam locomotives a) mirror images, or b) one side rotated 180°, or c) rotated 90° (to hinder locking)?
    Or, in other words, when the main connecting rod of one side is at its lowest position, the position of the connecting rod on the other side is a) also in lowest posiotn, or b) highest position, or c) halfway between the 2?

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    on tow steam cylinder Locomotives usually you are going to be good whit a shift of 90°.
    If you are talking of more then tow Cylinders it can be vary...

    Attention: This Information is based on German Steam Locomotives


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    in the thread below the topic was also discussed some years ago.
    There I added some photos of the locomotive 38 3650, where You can see the wheels. This locomotive is
    located about 5 kilometers away from me.

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