Get well soon, David!

  • Habe heute die Nachricht erhalten, das David auf dem Heimweg von einer Ausstellung in St.Ives, England mit seinem PKW einen Unfall hatte.
    David geht es soweit ganz gut, mit Ausnahme von einigen blauen Flecken und Prellungen. Ebenso waren seine Ausstellungsstücke mit an "Bord".

    Deshalb an dieser Stelle:
    Get well soon, David, hope that everything can be fixed and you´re ok..

    Best regards

    Jean Luc Picard ( USS Enterprise): Die Summe der Intelligenz auf dem Planeten bleibt immer gleich, nur die Bevölkerung wächst.

    Andere haben Flugzeugträger, wir haben die Gorch Fock.

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  • Dear all

    Thank you for the kind wishes and thoughts for my good health and recovery. Yes I was in a crash - I was in the middle of 4 cars that collided when the first car decided we were all travelling too fast and that not moving at all was much safer. I stopped in time - but the car behind me hit me and pushed me into the car in front.

    My car is very badly damaged but I have just got a sprained wrist - nothing broken. Today was spent with insurance, writing reports, getting a hire car, etc.

    My worry now is about the two boxes of my models in the boot of my car - they are probably badly crushed. But they are only models and I can make them again if needed. No one died or was seriously hurt - it could have been much worse.

    Best wishes