Figures for paper model dioramas?

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    I didn't know where to write this topic, so I will write it here. I hope admins won't be very upset on me if I took the wrong place for this topic... :P

    So I've given this question in Heinz topic about F-15, but I thought that I need to ask this question "globally".

    So here it is:

    I've got a tricky question. I wish to make a diorama for 1:33 paper plane (or maybe a diorama for 1:25 tank) and I need figures. As we know, figures are mostly made for plastic kits (1:35, 1:48, 1:72 and single figures like 1:9 or 1:16). So the question, where can I get those 1:33 (or 1:32) and 1:25 (or 1:24) figures?? As I saw, it is a little chance to find 1:32 figures, but what about 1:25 figures? It seems, that they are not produced at all. Maybe you can write who produces such figures and where to buy them. And maybe there's a way to build such figures by yourself?
    So the main question is: How to get figures for scales of paper models?

    So maybe someone can inform me more about figures for paper planes or tanks?

    Also I thought to try 1:35 figures for 1:33 planes, but I think, that the difference is too big. Any suggestions about this?

    Thats all. Thank you and good luck!

  • Hi Mindaugas,

    Verlinden produce 1:32 resine-figures (pilots and ground-crews) and Hasegawa has 2 pilots as plastic-figures (Richard I. Bong and H.J. Marseille). That's what I'm sure know.



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  • Hi!
    E.g., have a look at, theres a huge figure section. I had just a glance at it, but found immedeatly a set for modern planes in 1/32 scale and a rally mechanics set in 1/24 scale. And most probably there are more figuers you could use.

    As for the difference between 1/33 and 1/35: I think this depends on the actual figure. A 1.75 meter man in 1/35 is still 1.65 meter if he was 1/33 and if the 1/35 figure happens to be on the tall side it makes still a normal sized 1/32 figure.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks guys for helping.
    I also found that "Preiser" is huge company, that sells figures, but those are mostly for model railroaders..

    And where to get those Hasegawa pilots?

    Thanks again and good luck! ;)

  • Hello all,

    I am late to this post but I have your solution, PaperHuman are complete 3d figures with paper!


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