AERO -L-39 Albatros Breitling Jet team

  • Hi dears, I have just finished new livery for my 1/50 model of L-39 Albatros in Breitling Jet Team colours. Model will be available on web for download. I have a simple question. I'm just working on new livery of L-39 in DDR livery. Would this one be interesting for you?
    Below are some pics of Breitling model
    [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:] [Blocked Image:]

  • Hello Gagostini!
    Simple answer: Yes, a L-39 in GDR-livery would be interesting to me!
    Still, please forgive me, but I would not buy it, as I don´t see, whom I would give my money to. On this site, ecardmodels, I just regognized at once two ships from the American Civil War, that the auther offers on his homepage for free - here they are for sale. I willingly give money for good models to those, who deserve it, and would not mind the price for the L-39, but how do I know, that on ecardmodels not just some pirate copies are sold?

  • really simply L-39 is not a pirate copy. It is my own design. I have created some free models in 1/48 scale of this one. They are really simillar to this model, but does not include interior and undercarriage, so you can try it before you buy. As I know ecardmodels is cooperating with new authors and designers and this model was created on their wish. Because of this it will not be offered on my webpage where I have other models of L-39 available. Currently I have finished 1st model of L-39 in livery of Slovak air force in 1/33 scale. Model is currently under test and should be available soon. Other liveries of L-39 are coming soon. I'm really thinking about L-39 model in DDR(GDR) livery, but it will be probably model that was used in 3 air-forces and you will have a choice to build one of Czech, Slovak or German L-39. More information should be avialable by end of February.