Card model on the cover of modelling magazine

  • At the risk of being accused of self-promotion, I thought other modellers may be interested to see that the June issue of Marine Modelling International has a full colour, whole cover photo of a card model!

    The editor asked for a review copy of the model I published of the SS Shieldhall, a preserved steamship based in Southampton, and got modeller Mike Tunnicliffe to build it up for a review article in the magazine. Mike has done a fabulous job and this is confirmed by the fact thay put a photo of it on the front cover.

    So there is a card model on the front of the second-largest-circulation marine modelling magazine in the UK and a it's model build that is a real advert for the hobby.

    The editor and I have talked about other possible ways to promote card models and are following up a couple. Watch this space.



  • Hello, David!

    No reason to be shy - it's a well earned recognition of your excellent constructions and their builders' abilities.
    Hopefully there'll be more to come of it.

    Keep constructing!

    Ich schnipsel mit Schere, ich klebe und falz';
    das is zwar nur Schimäre, doch mich unterhalt's! :P(frei nach Johann Nestroy)