Do26 and Ha139 DLH Farbe

  • Hi all,
    Sorry for posting in English.
    I am trying to find what the livery (colours) of the DLH Dornier Do26 and Ha139 were pre war.
    I am after any pictures of the Dornier Do26 and Blohm and Voss Ha139 in their prewar Deutsches Lufthansa (DLH) colours.
    Obviously coulored photos preferable but B&W too. Essentially I am confused as to whether DLH had a change of livery from Silver (maybe NMF or dural aluminium) to light Grey fuselages or visa versa at some stage pre war. I have good B&W photographic evidence that the Ha139s were Grey all over with Silver ailerons and elevators and below water parts of the floats and the upper outer wings being Yellow (one Ha139 only apparently having Black engines). I also have evidence that the Do26s were Silver and/or Grey all over with Silver below water line and Yellow upper outer wings and at least one having Black engines. Now these two types of planes were different in their livery to other DLH planes (being for over the water service) and so had the Yellow high visability sections on their upper wings. BUT why did they not follow the rest of the DLH fleet colour scheme of Silver everywhere and Black engines? Michael Ullmans book at around page 21 has these pictures and information but the accompanying chart and text is NOT clear as it mentions both Silver AND Grey for outside fuselage!? In particular I am interested in seeing if the fuselages for the Do26 were light Grey (L40/52) or Silver (L40/52) or if they had both of these colour but at various times??

    I also have an article and some readers comments from a German modelling magazine called "Modell Magazin" from 1975 issue 3, 4 and 5 about the Do26 and it's colours but am unable to read it. I wonder if anyone here is interested to translate then I could scan them in and email or maybe post in the forum (but it is a bit off topic I think).



    Peter Hawkins
    Mudgee, NSW

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  • Hi Peter,

    did you ever google for it? Here is one link I found:
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    Peter, please do a google-search for yourself. If you simply enter "Do-26" you'll find a lot of pictures of this airplane.
    The problem here in Germany is that we are not allowed to link to websites with pictures of swastikas (it is the rubbish, ridiculous thinking of German politicians to get rid of neo nazis which brought us this law in the mid 80ies - if I'm correct!). And the livery of the Lufthansa Airplanes had the swastika on the vertical stabilizers on a red strip thought the Lufthansa was not really involved directly with the Nazi regime.

    Best regards, Woody

  • Woody,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I am aware of that site and it is very good. I also have quite a few books with pictures but again it is not clear.
    I am also aware of the issue with displaying the swastika in Germany (and am willing to hide it in any photos I post) .

    However, I am only after if they were Silver or Grey in colour or maybe changed from one to the other at a certain date.
    The colour (and B&W) pics make it very hard to tell Silver from Grey!
    Maybe someone can translate the model Magazin article?

    'Luftwaffe Colours 1935-1945' by Michael Ullmann on page 14 he has a couple of pictures of 4 different types of DLH planes in "All appear to be finished in Silver with glossy Black engines". Also, on page 32 a 1941 DLH document is quoted as, "While our aircraft remain in NMF in peacetime, or are painted externally in Silver shade 01, for camoflage purpose their exteriors are to be painted in RLM Grey shade 02 during the durationof the war". I am favouring that the Ha139s were Light Grey with Silver for under water on the floats and the moveable elevators etc. I also believe that most of the DLH flyingboats WERE light Grey but that for the Do26 there may have been a period when (at least one) was Silver (either NMF as per the last photo by Mike but covered in a Lacquer protective coating) or actually painted in Silver (L40/51).


    Peter Hawkins
    Mudgee, NSW

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    Hi Peter,

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