Scaldis: ms Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

  • Allthough I am watching the forum already for a long time, this is my first active participation. I am building ship models already for a long time, at first mainly wooden, classic Dutch fishing vessels at scale 1: 50.
    Since the last years, I changed to papermodels based upon nostalgic reasons. Now I can confess that I am fully addicted to building, collecting and designing paper shipmodels and cardmodelling has become part of my life!

    I would like to present to you one of my projects: the ms Johan van Oldenbarnevelt of the Stoomvaart Mij. Nederland. Published by Scaldis and constructed / printed by JSC. Scale 1: 250.

    I have added quite a lot of details which I found on pictures of the actual ship. The decktents and supports are constructed using Macromedia FreeHand MX and printed on 60 gr. paper. Using the same software I have added sidecabins to the command bridge deck as the one on the original ship differs from the kit. If there is a interest for these parts i will be happy to publish them as a downloadable PDF file.

    Railings and ladders are paper 1: 250 scale lasercut sets.
    Wim van der Meer of Scaldis is now also offering complete lasercut sets for the JvO.

    I did not face too many problems in construction the model. However, the stern of the ship caused me some headaches to get it into its proper form. As usual I am scanning all pages of the kit before starting to built in. In that way I still do owe a copy of the original for my collection and it offers great possibilities when things are not going in the way you were hoping for.

    The construction of the frame is typical JSC style, see also the description of the Lakonia in this forum. Allthough it deivers a strong frame the disadvantage of the system is that the decks are not supported in longitudinal direction and there is always a possibility that the decks will bend. I therefore re-inforced the decks with small, wooden supports extending from frame to frame.

  • Welcom on bo(a)rd, jeroen!

    I think you are from the Netherlands?

    You are presenting a very, very beautiful ship ! A great build! :)

    Fertig: MS WILHELM GUSTLOFF, 1:250

    Aufwachen - es ist 5 vor 33...

  • Hi Jeroen,

    what a nice and accurate build!
    You did the very best with the "raw" paper sheets, especially your added details are great =D> =D>

    Hope to see more of your work soon ;)



  • What a beautiful model! Civil ships are really more interesting to look at, and the details of the Johan v. Oldenbarneveld are outstanding, especially the mahogany top of the railings!
    Prachtig, prachtig!

    Scaldis, could you please print the window panes a shade darker, than the light blue you are now using? It would make a more realistic effect, I believe. If you look at photographs, the windows are really quite dark.

  • Dear all, thanks for the warm welcome at this board and for all the nice words about my model. I have always felt a bit modest in showing my models as I do find the standard of modelling and more specifically cardboard modelling in Germany (and as such at this forum....) at a very high level. I visited Dortmund last wednesday and saw some amazing detailed and really beautifull built models over there. i did like esp. the small diorama of the HMV Hohe Turm in combination with Passat's Verlag fishcutter and the beautifull detailed models of the coaster Susanna (also Scaldis) and the Arizona of Digital Navy. Sorry, I can not compliment the builder by name!
    Further i want to apologize for not writing in die Deutsche Sprache. ja, Ich lebe nur einige Kilomters entfernt von die Deutsche Grenze (Oldenzaal, nahe am Enschede und Munster) aber habe immmer Schwierigkeiten um die Umlaut usw. am Keyboard zurueck zufinden!
    Anyway, I will positively react to your remark to show some more of my models in the coming time!

  • jeroen:

    Wonderful work on your Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. The model is beautifully done. I admire your metriculous work on the stanchions. I could never do such a great job of correctly aligning so many posts. Again, great work!

  • Hi Jeroen,

    i think you mean this diorama. That one's really fine.
    If i'm not mistaken, it was built by this forum's Klebär/Philipp (at least the diorama was on "his" table).

    Who built the coaster "Susanna" and the "Arizona", i couldn't say for sure, sorry.



  • Hi Jeroen ,
    USS Arizona and the coaster SUSANNA were built by Willi Hoster, also a member of our commnity. You will find a building report for USS Arizona in the Forum-section : abgeschlossenen Bauberichte.



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