halfaya pass (WW2 German Afrika Korps)

  • Hi everybody,

    Last week I had some time to spend on modelling.

    I started with building a diorama for the PzKpfw and Greif, because the work involved, requires more time (a few hours in a row) than I can normally spend on building after working hours.

    Again I started with a styrofoam base and added rocks made using the rock-molds and lLght Weight HydroCal of Woodland Scenic. The gaps between the rocks and the surface of the road are filled and covered with paper handkerchiefs and a mixture of water/paint/woodglue.

    After drying, the road surface and the gaps between the rocks are again wetted with water/woodglue mixture and sand/broken rocks are added.

    This sand and broken rocks are made from a mixture of water/HydroCal/paint and poored onto a sheet off plastic. After drying the whole cake is broken and crushed into fine dust and some bigger fragments.

    As you can see, I also made the hole created by the mine that damaged the tank.

    It is only a shallow hole, created by a Hawkins Mine (small enough to disable a tank by damaging the roadwheels and tracks, but hardly powerfull enough to penetrate the armor)


    I also indicated the position of the Greif driving in front of the tank. Finally when both vehicles are finished, I will put them onto the diorama and create track and wheel marks in the soil (the wheel/track marks of the Greif just missed the mine but the tanks was not so lucky).


  • Hi xander,
    Your diorama looks pretty well. Especially the ground. But I am not familiar to halfaya pass. What happend there and at what time ofe der war?

    With the best regards


  • Hi 'modelschiff',

    Het Halfaya Pass was a strategic mountain pass between Egypt and Libya. See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halfaya_Pass

    I already build a desert diorama for the afrika korps PAK 40 and I did not want to build a second flat desert.

    So I choose for this setting, because the PzKpfw III and the SdKfz 250 Greif are in afrika korps colors. The Greif will be in front of the Panzer.

    First thought was to make the diorama even bigger and place an 88 mm but then it would not fit my vitrine any more.

    I still have to find a proper title for this diorama, I think I will incorporate the fact that a vehicle broken down in such a narrow mountain pass is really a problem. Something like "unplanned repair" or "bad place to encounter a mine"