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Tuesday, May 23rd 2006, 12:44am

PP51 Armored Train / GPM / 1:87

Decided to start on a Polish Armored Train that I have had on my to-do pile for awhile. Photos of the cover, and my frame pieces glued on 0,5mm card. I am a slow and easily distracted builder, so this might take some time..;-) Also, I think this might be a GPM produced model??

eatcrow2 has attached the following images:
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Tuesday, May 23rd 2006, 1:49am

RE: 1/87 PP51 Armored Train

Yep, Kartonowka happened to be the magazine published by GPM.

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Wednesday, May 24th 2006, 10:18am

This is an interesting coincidence because, after finishing the Mont Saint-Michel (Instant Durable), I intend to build this train as well. Not the 1/87 model you have but GPM's 1/25 scale model. It has over 4000 parts spread across 55 A3 pages, plus instructions. Not surprisingly, it will take a lot of time...
Just a remark - you say (and that is on the picture) PP51. GPM's 1/25 model is PP52 Pilsudczyk but the locomotive is clearly the same. Maybe someone can clarify this.

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Wednesday, May 24th 2006, 12:27pm

GPM offered in their magazine Kartonowka additions to their program but also new items.

For instance: Fokker D-VII regular program - Polish version; Kartonowka: German version

The Kartonowka version here is a scaled-down version from the regular program

Additions in Kartonowka: jerrycans, oil-drums, sherman railings, conversion-kit for a Zero-fighter (diorama: on flightdeck with folded wings), Sherman tank railings. dein Forum! It's Yours! Jouw Forum!

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