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Saturday, September 2nd 2006, 12:35am

Model of Prague

Hi all,

I send you some of my work made from paper in 1/160 scale.

more pics you can see on my web


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  • sloup_001.jpg
  • sloup_005.jpg
  • syn1.jpg
  • syn3.jpg
  • syn4.jpg

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Saturday, September 2nd 2006, 9:04am

RE: Model of Prague

Hi praguemodels,

just awesome ! How did you make all those tiny figures?

The synagogue looks so realistic, you´d expect the golem will come around the corner any minute.



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Saturday, September 2nd 2006, 9:12am

Looks great =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

Very realistic and unbeliveable that this is a card model. 8o

I thought my actual modell is well dedailed, but now I see what is possible to build.

I have to learn a lot to reach this. ;(

Thank you for this pictures

regards, Herbert

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