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Saturday, June 21st 2014, 3:28pm

Author: JohnMGD

Waldemar Goralski's Exhibition in the Polish Navy Museum at Gdynia !

Hello, Just want to announce Waldemar Goralski's 3D exhibition in the Polish Navy Museum in Gdynia starting on June 28th. He will show his work, all in 3D, of BISMARCK, PRINZ EUGEN, USS ARIZONA, IJN TONE and IJN HARUNA. From each ship 6 3D pictures in the size of 100 X 70cm, and further 60 renders of BISMARCK, and 45 renders of ARIZONA on a 55" big monitor screen as interactive images. For people who are in the neighbourhood, worthwhile to visit, but you can also visit the museum online, see: ht...