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Sunday, June 8th 2014, 10:33pm

Citroen 2CV (Ingenia 1953)

Sometimes you just need to go back to the basics.
Forget about complex things, and force yourself to face simple challenges.
I find that’s a good way to re-learn, and to practice.

This is the Citroen 2CV by Ingenia.
Originally shared by Patricia at Agence Eureka.
You can download it from:…ruire-1954.html

I cleaned a bit the original scans and printed at A3 size.
The result is a paper model at an approximate scale of 1:27

Easy to build. Parts fit nicely most of the time.

Graphic details are rough and simple, as expected from a 1953 kit.
Instructions are in French. If you don’t know French you will need
a translator an/or some creativity and instinct to understand the way
the suspension is assembled.

But it is not difficult at all.

The black threads are rubber threads used in clothes and lingerie.

The front of the headlights can be made with white cardstock,
or with clear acetate (French word “rhodoïd” is just that).
I used some extra material from the headlights of the Ford Tri-motor
for the Citroen 2CV headlights.

The suspension can be seen in action in this video:

Thanks for reading! :)
Ruben Andres Martinez
Bogota - Colombia

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Sunday, June 8th 2014, 11:49pm

Hi Ruben!
Thank You very much for this link. Having driven one of these "ducks", as they are called in Germany for some years (though a later model), I still regret, that time has passed for this early example of reduction to the essentials of what You really need to drive a car. What I really like about this model is, how it imitates the way, the suspension worked within the original.
You did a very nice build of it, as well, so my congratulation to this as well.
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Leif Ohlsson


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Tuesday, June 17th 2014, 10:58am

Charming, Rubén - and VERY well executed! - Leif
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