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Montag, 1. Dezember 2008, 02:33

Bunny's TTA Space Wreck

Hey all, this was my holiday project.

As you know, I am a big fan of the old TTA series books and just recently repurchased the last of the series.

I attached a pic of the original painting as well as pics of my build.

This model was designed by Bunny and is still available for DL from cardmodels.net.

I love the fact that it was designed off a single piece of art and that it uses the painting as the texture maps. I also liked the effectiveness of fold-over parts to give texture to both sides. It is relatively simple, but it suffers from the fact that the designer basically made a forced perspective model from the art.

The instructions are hand drawn, but with the provided photos of the finished model, it is fairly straightforward.

I added a lot of extras to make it more pleasing (and a bit more accurate).
This includes a control panel, backside wing, resizing the pilot to 80% original size to match the scale of the painting, seat belts and harnesses (to give a reason for a skeleton to still be sitting upright - kudos for the design, BTW) Extension parts for the cockpit area and fuselage, rusty skeletal frame, doubling the size of the base, paper claying the support for the wreck and flocking over the base as well as trimming the edge of the base to reinforce it.

I would recommend using a Prismacolor Tuscan red and medium brown marker for making of rusty pieces and edging.

All in all an enjoyable and simple (if you do it "out of the box") build.

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  • wrack.jpg
  • paintcu.jpg
  • ft.jpg
  • bktp.jpg
  • bkft.jpg
  • sidedn.jpg

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Montag, 1. Dezember 2008, 02:35

Just a few more pics....
»ARMORMAN01« hat folgende Bilder angehängt:
  • topft.jpg
  • pilot.jpg
  • control.jpg

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