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    I have read many excellent build threads here and in noway feel I am in the same league as the master card builders here, but I would like to add to this most wonderful Forum my contribution. So for my 1st post of a build I present to you the Angraf Lxd2. This will be my 1st build of any type Locomotive, I usually build ships, but felt a change would be good and I have always been intrigued by the detail of these mechanical wonders of the iron rails. Please feel free to offer any advice you might deem necessary. May I apologize for not posting this in you native tongue, but I hope you can follow along regardless. Rick :D

    Hello Peter, most impressive to say the least. You stated several post up that you had visited my country, I am glad to know you enjoyed yourself. I really like how this is turning out, you stated you hoped your skills were as good as mine, my friend your skills are just fine as they are. I look for any new postings on this vehicle build and the subject matter is very interesting. Everyone wants to build the well known, but to build the smaller, faster and scout vehicles is a good change from the everyday. I believe I told you I build ships hench my avatar. But for a change of pace I have started a new type of construction for me: a Angraf Lxd2 Diesel Engine. It is amazing what a change can do to get the creative juices to flowing. Maybe when I get the nerve to post a build among all the master builders here, I will share my work. So my friend I like the results of the build, look forward to more. Cheers, Rick

    Oh Boy, I will watch this thread closely. I am really looking forward to this test build. As soon as the kit is available, I will order. The wheel is just wonderful. I do have a question? What material/weight are you using. Thank you for sharing this build. Cheers Rick

    Hello ELEFANT, your English is good enough I understood what you said. I still like the Flak on the water tender and I will copy your idea as away to compliment this most excellent build. I look forward to more of your work. Cheers, Rick

    Hello Peter, may I first say your English is wonderful. I am sorry I am unable to communicate in your native tongue, even though I spent a total of eight years in your most beautiful country. I might add what I consider the friendliest and kindest people I have had the pleasure to get to know. I come to love Dutchland as if my own, I think I spelled that right. Anyhow I am honored you replied in kind and I do look forward to your posting of your build. I too have numerous WAK kits and some are real joys and some are real pains, but I have come to expect this in the paper/card model world. It is funny in away, it was while stationed in your country that I was introduced to paper modeling and after many, many years, I returned to the hobby last year. You can not just walk into a Hobby Shop and purchase a paper kit, all kits are ordered from on-line, and I must admit, I have amassed a collection. So from this start, may a friendship grow and I hope to learn more from you as you post on this wonderful forum. Cheers, Rick

    Hello again ELEFANT, another question, on the tender sides, the plates that are bolted on, did this come with the kit tender, or did you add. Also I was wondering, should the mount of the AA gun be bolted to the top of the tender, or would not the recoil of the weapon cause the gun mount to skid backwards? Thanks for the info. Rick :usenglish:

    Hello ELEFANT. WOW 8o, I am impressed and will watch this one closely. I do hope to add to my collection/builds. I am toying with idea of kit bashing Angraf Ty 2 w/Modelik kit. I am very interested in the armament too as you seem to have been able to incorporate into your build. Is this a correct location and do you have any references to the web for documentation of such. Thanks for sharing this. I will sure access this many times for build of same. Thank you, Rick :usenglish:

    Hello scholz, I have enjoyed very much your building and detailing of this Ty 2 Locomotive. I am a BIG fan of Angraf kits and especially the locomotives they print. I have this kit and will no doubt, refer to your build many times for reference as I build mine. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more. Rick :usenglish:

    Herr Robert, your build of the BR52 Kriegslokomotive is most impressive. I really enjoyed the light effect and the fire was just the icing on the cake. I hope to see more from you. Thanks for sharing this build. Rick :usenglish:

    Hello Michael, I would just like to say I was awed at the talent you have in the process of building with paper/card and wire. I have learned so much reading and following your most excellent photography. I would also like to point out, it is a labor of love to be able to execute a Beta build this well, regardless of the time it takes. I must admit I am a very slow builder because caution and the desire to build in a prototypical method results in careful work. I do hope to see you also build the Locomotive as well. This is one of those kits that is at the top of my to get list and with your most wonderful build tutorial and great photography to follow, you my friend will help many to build this monster of the Rail Yard. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more from you. Rick :usenglish:

    niki68, I do hope you are feeling better and thank you for answering my question. I am just now starting to build Locomotive Engines and I need to learn so much to build at the level you are building. I am working on a Lxd2 now. Until you post again, rest and relax. Rick

    My hat off to you sir. Your attention to detail is superb. Your approach to the painting, as if you are applying the final touches to a master piece oil painting. I read the whole thread and the metallizing of the wheels was the best I have ever seen done, bar none for that detail alone. I build mostly ships, but lately I have been interested in Rail/Engines. I look forward to more of this classy build and to learn as much as you are willing to impart to us who follow this most excellent build. :usenglish:Rick

    Hello gustibastler, I am awed by your abilities and artful approach to this subject 8o. I have wanted to scale up to a 100th size, but space does not allow such an undertaking. However I still enjoy yours. I very much look forward to more of this most wonderful build and I might add class as well. Thanks for sharing this with us. :usenglish:Rick


    Originally posted by commodore
    Four pictures Am I still .....
    Anyone who wants to build this boat, was already considering PREVIOUSLY where he wants to represent it: length about 132 cm, width 17 cm -27 cm for ship issued antennas, height about 32 cm, the local crop is already planned!

    What pattern is the screening? Rick :usenglish:

    Guten Tag Glue me!, I have watched and read many threads for building paper models on many Forums. I have seen some truly wondrous subjects modeled and some are just over the top in their detail and realism. Some individuals are in a class all their own as masters at the craft, and you my sir are just such a one. Evey time I see you have posted, I go to it first to see what little magical item you have made now. The life raft is truly a work of love and art. I have learned a great deal and I may never have the ability and skill you posses, but I sure as heck have the knowledge you so freely share, to help to build and detail as well. You see I too suffer from the detail malady. I look forward to more of this most excellent build. Cheers, a fan in America, Rick :usenglish:

    Hello Niklaus, hope you had a Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year to follow. I am glad to see you still at the build of this most excellent vessel. I like that you are willing to go to other sources to get the most detail out of that particular part/equipment. The Bofors look great. I look each time I log on to see if you have posted to your thread. Look forward to more from this most wonderful build. Your friend, Rick :usenglish:

    Coming together well. Clean building, really like the interior build. Look forward to more. I want to order the plain book for this one as well. I have had for some time and really like what I see coming together here. :usenglish:Rick

    Hello Jurgen and Merry Christmas. I have a Shipyard kit, and I had no idea a vessel of this complexity and accurateness could be build from these kits. I will return many times to re-read your tutorials of the techniques used to construct this beautiful Ship of the Line. I look forward to more. Your use of Lego's for constructing a line twisting machine was just guinness. I am not so afraid of the Shipyard kit now after seeing your results and how you have overcame the details. Thanks for sharing this most excellent build. :usenglish:Rick

    Guten Tag commodore, I look forward to your future postings of your most excellent skills and craftsmanship. Thanks so very much for the info and the web site. I am planning to stick with the GMP version, but use what I can find to improve and make as accurate as possible. The kit is on its way and should have by next week. Right now I am building the laser frame for the WAK French Destroyer Kersaint 1/200 scale of which I am well pleased with the quality of the kit. I have never built any Aircraft Carrier in card yet and for Christmas I received a copy of GPM's USS Saratoga, PE set, barrels and the GMP OOP Graf Zeppelin. I have read every thread here to glean as much info as possible for the building of this most wonderful vessel. I am a Bismarck fan and a ship built upon the class ship as the Bismarck is one I desire to add to my collection. Today is Christmas, Peace and Joy to you my friend. I spent 8 1/2 years in Germany and consider this most wonderful land and it's people my 2nd home. It was while there I learned about building paper models. Last year I once again took up the hobby after many years and I am having fun again building models. Cheers, Rick

    Hello commodore and Merry Christmas. I am most interested in this build of the Graf Zeppelin. You have done a wonderful job and seem to have over came the problems presented within the kit. I was just wondering, are you back to the Bismarck? I plain to build the Graf Zeppelin from a GPM copy, which I believe is even more inaccurate than the Angraf version. And from what you have done with this version, I hope to follow your skills, correct the GPM kit. It is very hard to come up with some of these kits here in the USA, and the Graf Zeppelin is one of them. I purchased thru a dealer as a out-of-print, which commands a high price. So for this reason I want to get as much as I can out of the kit. So far the Angraf version has not been offered or I just missed it some how. Anyhow I look forward to more of this most excellent build. :usenglish:Rick

    Please by all means post more of this wonderful build. I for one have enjoyed everything posted to this thread. I will be ordering this kit soon from a dealer in Canada, that would make three of them I will have, 1 ea Super Model, very poor but still a fairly easy build for a beginner 1/200, I also have the GPM version. I would love to get ahold of the HMV version but no local dealer has and I can not afford the postage for one from EU. As I stated before, I am a fan of the Bismarck and will use this too super detail my build of this famous German Warrior. Look forward to your next posting. Rick :usenglish:

    Hello DragonFly, glad to see you are still @ it building the Hunter of the Seas. I as said before, am building the same. Thought your railing was just outstanding. Keep up the great work. Look forward to future postings. Could you give a bit more insight as too how you made the railing. Did you make out of soldier wire? Rick :usenglish:

    You are doing a wonderful job. This is available in a new re-do of color, . I am currently working on Ironclads, but I do have this sub started. Your work has helped to ID those areas that need attention. Look forward to more of your postings to this thread. :) Rick


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    Und hier die fertigen, schön detaillierten Scheinwerfer.

    Has to be one of the best ways to construct a search light I have seen so far, great work on this project that is a real piece of art. :usenglish:

    Hello, I have followed your thread and was wondering if you were going to post more of this build. I too am about to start a build of this same vessel, however I will add a few details such as brass props, PE, brass armement, 1/72 figures and flags. Hope to see you soon :usenglish:.Rick

    Your work is what I hope to be able to do someday, art! I really like the use of B/W photography, of which from your ability to photograph, you have more than one really great talient. I do not have this kit, but seeing what you have done with her, makes me want to get one and I am not so afraid to tackle. :usenglish:Rick

    I have learned so much by following your thread. You are a Master in the craft of ship building. I worked in wood for ship building for many years and your build is as good as anything I ever did in the medium of wood and you are working in paper/card! I look for your post everyday. Thanks for letting us novices see what can be done. This paper modeling is new for me and I am so enjoying this type of modeling. Rick 8)