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    Caution: The JSC model in 1: 250 is listed with a length of 64 cm, but this is the same length as listed for the 1: 400 version. I believe the description of the 1: 250 version has the wrong length.

    Hi Manfred, Thank you for the cautionary note on the length of the JSC model as the Nordic is listed as 31.2cm long and the Seatrout is 75cm; so the Nordic wins for the length. I purchased my model prints from Fentons (…ing-dock-ostrow-ii.htmlIt) and the length is listed as 63.8cm for 1:400 scale. It would be nice to build one to fit both ships. I will keep looking out for updates on KvJ (as also recommended by John) to see how this develops.

    Hi John, Thank you for your response. That is a shame, as I like the old stile look of the HMV version, however the more modern feel of the soon to be released also interests me. I will keep this site listed as a favorite and await further news of its release.

    Can I kindly ask if this dock is still available to purchase somewhere, if so can you kindly advise please? I am building the Nordic 1:250 and would love to get my hands on this dockyard. I wonder if the Seatrout would fit as well (also 1:250 scale), as I have completed this model.

    Thanks for your comment, I actually have the HMV OPDR Lisboa and also Conti Belgica, but have not built them yet, currently building TMS Seatrout. I was interested in how the containers stack inside the ship like Konpass (his is amazing and well made), and its a shame did a similar model cannot be found on HMV like this, maybe in one will be done in the future as I am sure it's hard to design.


    Please explain the part 30a1 further for Seatrout. There is a white circle on top of which the two parts 30a1 in my view are glued on either side. A ll other pictures on these threads have only one piece across the deck. So which is the correct answer? Please advise. Thanks

    very clear: follow the instructions without W in the circle, because you build the full model in the middle divisible!
    Picture 12-17 ... then it goes on with picture 18 on page 12.

    So now to the parts: at 29a let the small piece, in part 29i sticking when the cut model is ready, because it sits exactly on the cut edge.They see then when building the model quite well.
    Greetings Werner