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    Hi Gustav and Rene,

    Thank you very much for comments / encouragements.

    Today, I decided to rebuild the tender body.

    I tried to get it right, but I see that the result got worser and worser due to mistakes that I made. (Some problems induced by imperfect frame, wrong/excessive primer application that caused the surface not as good as I wanted, the distortion of entire structure, etc.)

    So, I decided to make another one based on learnings I got.

    Frame work again.

    Applied some improvements for the frame structure for better support of outer surface.

    Alignments look good

    Will proceed carefully this time

    Found that the primer I’m using is rated as “quick dry”, which means it’s okay for sanding after a couple of hours.

    So, did the first round of sanding, filling with paper cray and primer application.

    Some imperfections are observed.

    Will decide to do one more round of refining, or just move on to the next step … tomorrow.

    Thanks a lot, Gustav,

    Fully dried (another 24hrs).

    And applied the first coat of primer.

    Cracks and voids are seen very clearly.

    When it is fully dried (one more day), will do fixing on those imperfections and sand again.

    Thanks a lot, Henryk!!

    I’ll try and make it done without surprise.

    Dried full one day, did the first sanding, and on top, applied one thick coat of clear lacquer.

    Es expected, there are cracks and gaps to fill.

    Covering the top

    Process remaining:

    Sanding, filling, sanding, primer, sanding …

    Wish me luck

    For implementing the round shape of tender ends, I’m trying to use paper clay. At the moment, I cannot be sure it would be successful or not. Fully experimental trial.

    Currently, the frame is filled with paper clay and being dried.

    Hope it becomes happy ending.

    Otherwise, I may need to rebuild the part again


    Made the skeleton of round shape ends at the front front and back side of tender.

    For the round shape, made the skeleton more dense for the next step. 7.5 degree apart.



    Fit check on the tender main body

    Haha, Henryk,

    Thanks !

    Now, the tender frame.

    Between meetings in the morning, made the frame of Tender.

    Used the metal square blocks to get the alignments right. Fixed using thick CA glues

    A bit of misalignment seen, but not that significant.

    Total length around 90~100cm

    Sunday evening.

    Made a small valve/pipe that connects the under pipe and the intermediate valve

    Starting from small wire pieces

    Made small through hole for better assembly

    Prepare a small valve handle

    Connect thinner wire and bend it

    Painted and attached connecting components.

    Hi Helmut and Dieter,

    Thanks a lot for the comment.

    I still think Precyzyjny‘s work is still the best and a legend of paper modeling.

    His work inspired me a lot and I’m learning a lot. ^^

    Sunday afternoon.

    A bit more progress today (small air valve)

    Starting from small paper pieces.

    Made the parts

    And put it together

    Painted and weathered

    And mounted on the frame

    Hi Rene,

    Haha, thanks a lot.

    Not much progress this week.

    It has been busy week and I could work on the train today.

    Made and attached the pipe running under the driver’s booth.

    preparing wire pieces.

    And put together

    Add some short paper pipes at the ends


    And mounted on the frame.

    Hi Renee and Wolfgang,

    Thanks a lot !!!

    Now, chairs.

    I tried to make a bit different chairs for my train, instead of the original plan. Chair made out of angled steel frames.


    Problems: (1) too long (2) the box under the seat is too big.

    Corrected the design and made it short with smaller box.

    Adding the wood pieces for driver’s seating

    Painted and weathered

    Installed magnets to make those chairs detachable.


    Seen though the back opening

    Bottom guard, small shelf and a cup.

    Wanted to hide the bottom of the boiler in pictures.

    So made the guard at the floor and made a small shelf for a coffee break.

    Now, a cup

    And used UV glue to add the ‘water in the cup’ feel.

    Put them together.

    Haha, Hardie,

    I’m sure you will make it soon.

    Due to some conference call in the evening, a little progress made. Few pipes for gauges.

    Please note that the pipe connection is purely based on my imagination. :P

    Connected thin wires as pipes.

    It seems a bit thinker than it supposed to be.

    Applied black

    Close ups

    And applied weathering (same method)

    Seen through the back opening.

    Hi Matthias, Dirk and René,

    Thanks a lot for the comments.

    Added some small valves and the big lever.

    Starting from paper pipes.

    Changed the cutting mat.



    And attached to the boiler

    Seen from back opening

    Few more steps to go for the driver’s booth

    Hi Hajo, Henryk and Christoph,

    Thanks a lot for kind words.

    I’ve been on business trip last week first time after Covid-19.

    Although there ware a lot of restrictions, it was great to meet the development partners in the country face to face and close issues ‘in the meeting’ instead of remote conference calls.

    Hope whole world exit Covid-19 restriction soon.

    Back to the locomotive build.

    Made pressure gauges and attached.

    Starting with paper pieces

    Inserted the gauge pattern and attached small posts per each

    Attached the brackets

    And attached on the boiler

    Not fully painted yet.

    Will paint after installing wires.

    Thanks a lot, Renee!

    Added small pipes for the valves on the boiler.

    Firstly, added the small valve handles.

    The air valves at the right hand side. I think it is controlling sandbox (forward and backward selectively).

    Added the relatively thinner pipes for the valves.

    I guess the compressed air comes from tank. And the sandbox valves are opened selectively (break aid, forward or backward)

    My theory :P

    Seen through the opening at the back

    The valve at the top

    Painted and weathered


    One more small component.

    Took longer than I thought at the beginning.

    Starting from paper pieces

    Assembled together

    Sanded the small thing for long time and got the shape ready for the next step

    Attached some more details

    Painted and weathered

    And attached to the boiler

    Completed the pipes for the valves at the side.

    Prepared and attached pipes (20 gauge)


    And Weathered

    Seen through the opening at the back

    As you can see, the pipe connections are based on limited reference photos and my imagination.

    I think Draccus will show the proper connections.

    Another week starts.

    Coming to the work that I have low confidence. I’m looking at Precyzyjny’s work as close as possible to complete it.

    As the first step, attached two obvious pipes; the top one and the one go straight down to the floor.

    And painted

    It feels like to be long process.

    Added more stuffs

    The control which I guess controls the direction (forward / backward) and the speed. I’m not locomotive expert. :P

    So, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Starting from threaded shaft, winding thin wire on 20 gauge solid wire.

    Assembly completed


    And weathered

    Mounted on the boiler.

    I think it’s something that pushes and pulls the control rod that determines the direction and speed.

    Seen through the opening at the back.

    It was very busy week.

    A lot of issues and meetings to resolve problems at multiple locations.

    Now, I think things got back to the main track again and move forward.🤞

    Finally, after the last Friday evening meeting, resumed paper locomotive.

    As the last step of locomotive exterior, added the posts next to the headlights.

    And, finally,

    Begin the driver’s booth interior work.

    Made the first part of it.

    I’m trying to gather as many pictures and other build reports for the build as possible. If any of you know the links to any site that has quality pictures of Ty2 driver’s booth internal, please kindly share.

    Thanks Hanns

    Right hand side.

    The pipe that connects compressor and boiler was too simple comparing to Rainer’s. :)

    So, I added some detail. May not be as authentic as Rainer’s, it’s best I can get at this stage.


    Starting from small star-shape paper.

    Added connectors both sides

    Embedded magnets inside.

    Painted and weathered

    Mounted on the position.

    Attached the hand rail both sides.

    Also made the rail detachable using small magnets.

    Prepared the soils wire (20gauge)

    And made the posts

    It has two parts.

    Magnets hold them together

    Attaching on the boiler and the wire.

    Applied the black base, and painted red color on the handrail, weathered.

    And attached those handrail parts.

    Hi Ulrich and Peter,

    Thanks a lot for the comment.

    Those words will make me reach the finish line.

    Right hand side sandbox pipes are done.

    Wires are ready (length and shape)

    No special skill required but patience and mind control.

    Painted in black and weathering one by one