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    Thanks a lot, Renee!

    Added small pipes for the valves on the boiler.

    Firstly, added the small valve handles.

    The air valves at the right hand side. I think it is controlling sandbox (forward and backward selectively).

    Added the relatively thinner pipes for the valves.

    I guess the compressed air comes from tank. And the sandbox valves are opened selectively (break aid, forward or backward)

    My theory :P

    Seen through the opening at the back

    The valve at the top

    Painted and weathered


    One more small component.

    Took longer than I thought at the beginning.

    Starting from paper pieces

    Assembled together

    Sanded the small thing for long time and got the shape ready for the next step

    Attached some more details

    Painted and weathered

    And attached to the boiler

    Completed the pipes for the valves at the side.

    Prepared and attached pipes (20 gauge)


    And Weathered

    Seen through the opening at the back

    As you can see, the pipe connections are based on limited reference photos and my imagination.

    I think Draccus will show the proper connections.

    Another week starts.

    Coming to the work that I have low confidence. I’m looking at Precyzyjny’s work as close as possible to complete it.

    As the first step, attached two obvious pipes; the top one and the one go straight down to the floor.

    And painted

    It feels like to be long process.

    Added more stuffs

    The control which I guess controls the direction (forward / backward) and the speed. I’m not locomotive expert. :P

    So, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Starting from threaded shaft, winding thin wire on 20 gauge solid wire.

    Assembly completed


    And weathered

    Mounted on the boiler.

    I think it’s something that pushes and pulls the control rod that determines the direction and speed.

    Seen through the opening at the back.

    It was very busy week.

    A lot of issues and meetings to resolve problems at multiple locations.

    Now, I think things got back to the main track again and move forward.🤞

    Finally, after the last Friday evening meeting, resumed paper locomotive.

    As the last step of locomotive exterior, added the posts next to the headlights.

    And, finally,

    Begin the driver’s booth interior work.

    Made the first part of it.

    I’m trying to gather as many pictures and other build reports for the build as possible. If any of you know the links to any site that has quality pictures of Ty2 driver’s booth internal, please kindly share.

    Thanks Hanns

    Right hand side.

    The pipe that connects compressor and boiler was too simple comparing to Rainer’s. :)

    So, I added some detail. May not be as authentic as Rainer’s, it’s best I can get at this stage.


    Starting from small star-shape paper.

    Added connectors both sides

    Embedded magnets inside.

    Painted and weathered

    Mounted on the position.

    Attached the hand rail both sides.

    Also made the rail detachable using small magnets.

    Prepared the soils wire (20gauge)

    And made the posts

    It has two parts.

    Magnets hold them together

    Attaching on the boiler and the wire.

    Applied the black base, and painted red color on the handrail, weathered.

    And attached those handrail parts.

    Hi Ulrich and Peter,

    Thanks a lot for the comment.

    Those words will make me reach the finish line.

    Right hand side sandbox pipes are done.

    Wires are ready (length and shape)

    No special skill required but patience and mind control.

    Painted in black and weathering one by one



    Left hand side sandbox pipes are done.

    Another long tedious process ..

    The length, position and shapes/curvature set per piece.

    Take pipes out and paint

    After final adjustment

    Weathering one by one

    Left side completed

    One picture taken with daylight


    Hi Joon...

    Das dritte Foto (A68F3FC0-07A8-4638-9B1E-0F4BA215F0CB)

    sprengt gerade mein Vorstellungsvermögen.

    So etwas Geniales aus Karton und Papier herzustellen ist unübertroffen.

    Mit größtem Respekt vor Deiner Leistung, Renee

    Hi Renee,

    Wow, was für ein Kompliment.

    vielen dank für deine aufmunterung.

    langer Weg zu gehen.

    Ich hoffe, Sie genießen den Rest des Fortschritts.

    (Google Translate)

    Moving forward.

    Beginning of sandbox piping.

    Decided to use 18gauge wire.

    Before, check the magnets already installed and those polarities.

    At the end of tip(?), there’re small magnets already installed for attaching the rest of pipes.

    Prepared the wire, cut it to the length and set the shape. And attached the small magnets at the end.

    Fit check.

    the first one is done.

    13 more to go for this locomotive.

    Wish me luck

    Thanks a lot, Dieter!

    Weathering completed.

    Before weathering, disassemble.

    Weathered the pipes on the frame first.

    Weathering completed with the usual method.

    Not that noticeable from a distance.

    Anyways, the base weathering is done.

    Moving to the sandbox pipes.

    Hi Helmut and HenryK,

    Glad to know you enjoy the build process.

    Thanks a lot!

    A pipe and valve that connects driver’s booth and boiler top.

    Making the parts

    Attaching on the boiler


    Pipings are halfway done.

    Will apply wreathing on the pipes installed so far before working on sandbox pipes.

    Left side sand pipe control and the whistle.

    Sand pipe control


    a bit of variation from the one in my previous work, Py27

    Whistle control rod

    Attached the whistle and the rod

    Final connection to Whistle

    Painted and attached

    A pipe that connects compressor and boiler.

    The pipe connection socket at boiler side.

    Cut and make the Hole for installing the socket.

    Insert the part and paint it black.

    26 gauge wire with magnets at both ends.

    current status

    Thanks, Henryk

    I’m also glad that I can work on making something in the evening instead of attending endless conference calls.

    Moving on to the left hand side piping.

    Still don’t know what those are for.

    Before the pipe work, accident happened.

    I accidentally dropped the boiler and found the bracket for left side spoiler broken.

    Reassembled and reinforced with thick CA glue. Hope it holds well.

    Starting from pipe brackets

    Installed the 24 gauge thick pipe/wire

    And continue on two thin wires (30 gauge)

    And painted in black

    Current status

    Thanks Draccus, Rainer and Tom !

    Hi All,

    It has been busy start of the year and now getting back to normal life.

    Will resume Ty2 construction gradually from now on.

    Today, Made the pipes on the right hand side of boiler.

    Pipes for controlling sandbox

    24 gauge wire

    Attached and Painted

    Pipe holding brackets

    Attached and painted

    Thinner pipe that will run forward

    (don’t know the name )

    30 gauge wire

    Fixed the location and routing


    Right hand side piping completed

    Hey bro.

    Where have you been? Is everything all right? I worried a bit since our last texts.

    Good to know you are hanging around.

    Thanks! I’m doing well.

    Many issues to handle at the beginning of the year. I hope to pick up paper sheets soon for my train. Wish me luck.


    Making me considering air plain after the train.

    Installed the left lower pipes.

    starting with cutting and shaping, checking the fit frequently. It is took way longer than I was thinking.

    Used 18awg wire. (Of course, with the silicon wire cover)

    final fit check.

    Paint the pipes.

    Installed the pipes.

    Before weathering.

    Applied weathering

    it seems the photo upload takes much longer than usual. Maybe too much data traffic between continents during year end season.
    Many many FaceTime calls ?:D

    Have great time with your family!


    Preparing the side pipe installation.

    starting with the box at the front side

    Make ID 1.9mm paper pipes.

    Pipe brackets

    Attaching on the boiler (left hand side)

    weathering done on those new parts

    Pipe installation tomorrow.

    Thanks, Renee !

    Applied weathering.

    It feels a bit light. Will apply more weathering again later if needed.

    before weathering


    mounted on the frame.
    color now looks matching with boiler.

    Cabin front panel weathering will be done after installing pipes.