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    Hi All,

    I would like to ask your help.

    Before moving on to driver’s booth, I wanted to complete the installation of all pipes running under the boiler.

    however, due to limited information available for me (instruction coming with the print is somehow not detailed enough), it seems like I need to sorely rely on my imagination for those pipe connections.

    Followings are what I’m thinking and would like to ask your opinion about it.

    the lower portion of the locomotive (current status)

    my current plan

    A: go to the top of the boiler

    B: coming under the frame towards engine

    C: connect the coil and the tank (the one closer to driver’s booth)

    D: coming under the frame towards engine

    E: connect between two compressed air tanks

    F: connect to driver’s booth sides

    H: (optional) connect to driver’s booth side

    ?: TBD, I have no idea. I may just leave it unconnected (?)


    Maybe, it’s not a big deal as those pipes will be hidden under the boiler anyways, but I would like to get your advice to make it more closer to the real locomotive.

    please feel free to chime in.

    Looking forward to your comments

    Perfect work, Joon! Is it possible to replace the red plates for the rear light to a transparent red glas plate?

    hi Hänschen,

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I assume the ‘rear light’ means the lights for the tender. Yes, I think I can do it when I make it.
    BTW, for clarity,

    So, make the red dot (or plate) to transparent one ? Assuming it is what the real lights are for tender, could you share some reference photo of the rear light?

    Install wire

    Paint preparation (attach some masking tapes)

    painted in black and installed the ‘glass’

    fit check before the final assembly

    Polishing inside

    (Before (right) and After (left))

    Install the small red lamp

    Attaching the front cover and assembly finished


    Weathering and mounting on the bumper

    hi hänschen and Tom,

    thanks a lot for your comments again.

    hi Johannes,

    Thanks a lot for the pictures and explanation. It really makes me relieved.:rolleyes: Yeah, as you say, let’s move On.

    Hi All,
    Long pause in model build.

    A lot of planning for the projects next year. Most of them are now pretty much finalized. Hope I can resume soon.


    made a little progress for the headlights.

    first the headlights’ round back.
    used the same method as the tanks made before.


    ready for the final assembly.

    Yes, hänschen is correct. The real bumpers are curved differently.

    When coupling there is always a round bumper against a flat bumper. This considerably reduces the physical forces, especially during curve travel.

    Hi Tom and hänschen,

    Thanks a lot for your kind explanation.

    Unfortunately, I think it’s too late to revert back

    (I may consider grinding one of them sometime later if it really bothers me).

    Anyways, good learning !

    please remain, that the buffers are different: the left one (front view) is curves, the other is flat!

    greetings and !!! perfect work !!!!


    Hi hänschen,

    Thanks for the comment. Let me ask a question so that I can understand clearly ^^
    Does it man the real Ty2 bumpers are different left and right? If it is the case… unfortunately it’s too late. :P
    Or Are those bumpers in the picture look different ? Both sides are similarly made. It may look different, I guess.

    anyways, thanks a lot for comment !


    Thank you, Rene,

    Added the pipe (coil) for the compressed air.

    made a jig for consistent winding.

    Wind 20 gauge wire (64cm) around the jig

    Using the ‘spacer’, installed the bracket for the pipe.

    add bolt heads and the assembly is completed

    painted in black

    Weathered and mounted on the left side platform.

    Hi Helmut,

    Thanks a lot !!

    moving on the mount for the compressor.

    Decided to attach the compressor on the frame (instead of boiler) for the neat separation between frame and boiler later on.

    made the compressor mount parts, modifying the original plan.

    Carefully adjust the height and the post position and completed the assembly.

    painted in black and glued on the frame.

    final fit check with the boiler body.

    Fits okay.

    Not perfect but acceptable.

    Small tanks to be attached blow the platform.

    starting with simple paper tubes

    And make the sides that has round shape, stacking multiple 0.25mm paper rings.



    Comparison with the original plan parts. Personally I like the modified version rather than the original cutout.

    Paint in black, apply thin read on top and add the structure.

    Hi Walter,

    Haha, good idea. Will consider to take pictures when it is completed.

    Hi Helmut,

    I’ll never attempt to do it again.

    Back on track.

    Painted the side platform.

    Added the pipes running under the edge of it.

    Attached on the frame

    applied thin brown

    Hi All,

    Today’s post is not about paper modeling, but an explanation about the reason why there’s no progress for Ty2.

    A couple of weeks ago, my boss (a.k.a. My wife) asked me to upgrade backyard which has been abandoned for years. I was about to say ... “I’m an engineer and I’m not good at gardening. So, could you find a contractor who can do it?”… but I didn’t say that as I know the answer already (based on my learnings acquired from my marriage last 22 years…)

    So, the project started.

    The yard was abandoned for a while but after removing bushes and weeds it was not that bad. So, I thought the project could be straight forward and be done in a week. But it became 2 weeks thanks to an unexpected step that I had to go though.

    started with leveling

    But immediately found there’s a small root sprouts on the surface and decided to remove it.

    after a day worth of digging (shallow 5~6 inch deep), managed to remove roots shown at the bottom of the picture.

    So, I decided to install the root barrier against the trees in my neighbor’s yard.

    Made 30cm deep channel to install the barrier using basic tools available (1.5 days)

    While doing so, found a lot more bigger roots (at the depth of 30cm) and had to remove most of them.

    After that, the root barrier is installed (30cm deep)


    So far so good.

    Then started the ground leveling and compacting.


    the “disaster” started from here.

    Few sprouts were seen at my house side. I thought those were just weeds formed there then.
    But after digging slightly and found there are roots reached and tried to invade my house !!

    While digging more, found four big roots were running through and reaching my house. (In picture below, you will only see three. I could not took picture of all four ( I was so angry then, I guess…))

    It turned into massive excavation and it took about 2.5 days to completely remove those roots and apply root killer treatment which took one more day after that).

    the process after that were straightforward.
    leveling for better water drain control, compacting and apply weed control screen.


    (don’t worry, the guy is still breathing)

    install gravel holding grids and

    finally applied pebbles at the top (today !!!)

    With some more detail, it should be called ‘completed’ by tomorrow.

    my boss is now happy.

    But my hands are still shaking…

    Yeah, I’m just an engineer… not as strong as the heroes in construction/gardening arena.

    will resume Ty2 build as soon as my hands get back to normal condition.

    wish me luck.


    Hi Dieter,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Installed the rod that controls the engine steam valves. The back end is connected a bracket attached the side step. It may look strange but let’s see the result later.

    Based on the prototype, it is found that the interference between the tank and a post it not ignorable. So, updated the design creating cutout on the tank surface. Let me share the assembly process and the results.

    Firstly, the tank ends

    It is soaked with CA glue.

    will be sanded and prepared for painting process later.

    Front tank with with cutout.

    fit check

    Fair enough

    some comments for members who will build Ty2.

    As you can see, in the original cutout/plan, the distance between the tank bracket and the vertical post for the boiler support. So, I think it would be better to set the position of the bracket a bit away from the vertical posts to avoid the additional work.

    The steps at the both sides of driver’s booth

    attached the fine mash to create the safety surface.

    Side steps assembled and painted

    the height of the step top aligns well with the structures on the frame (88mm)

    Attached at the side steps and weathered.