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    Try without internal structure.
    If the paper is to thin, reinforce it adding another layer or more.

    Join two modules so the edges fit perfectly and this will force these modules to take the correct shapes.



    And send me some pictures, please.Your success make me happier than I am when I build it myself.

    Thank you very much, Gil

    You outlined exactly the spirit.
    Even the technology is the same, every model has its own particularities.

    I have over 90 models done in 5 years, but I'm happy with the results only for a few. Even the design process I do give me perfect fit from the first attempt,
    I redesign it in order to make it easier to assembly and to look more closely to real plane.
    It is a process of adaptation. After few succesfull attempts in this way to approach the cardmodels, I believe you willl be hooked up.

    And of course, we need something to challenge our brain constantly.
    I'm scared about what is happening with younger generations and I'm trying what I can to stop this process of "not thinking" attitude.
    Maybe, with help from people like you and the others, we'll make a little difference.

    Jorg, I only rescaling it. I'm not building it anymore. I don't like such scales. I'm doing only for you.Or maybe you want to know how I rescale it?In such case I can post it.
    About detailed construction technique, you can download soon a complete building manual I've done for Boeing Stearman (for a private customer from Canada).
    If I will sell online, perhaps I will put for every model a complete manual(if it will worth). You must understand this is my full time ocupation now (I leaved my job) and try to do a business in order to live.
    I try to orient more children and newbies, so a model as big at 1:33 and very complex (with inter
    nal structure) may appeal but I believe are only a few from this target which will finish it.
    As I said, you've seen the gallery and I can tell you, in reality are much more beautiful than are in the pictures. Build it and tell me after that.
    The key is the repetition.In 5 years I've built the Mig-21 in over 100 samples and even now I'm not happy. Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know, but my credo is that perfection is what close us to GOD

    Hello to all

    I'm the designer of the Mig-17 and I've seen your posts.
    To comment a little, I've done it in this scale because I like to do small planes (my favorite is 1:100) but I must to conform with some others preferences.
    My scales are 1:72 for modern and WWII, 1:48 for WWI, 1:100, 1:144,1:200 for large planes. In commercial kits I put also canopies, engines, spiners and these are my technogical limits.

    Ask me and I provide you enlarged model without any loss of quality.

    Now, the reason the model is closed in several different ways: if you will notice, I try to follow the real panel lines and these are the point where I make cuts and join.
    My choice for a model is not the degree of details or the size, but more the feeling you dealing with the real plane, made smaller by mistake.
    I'm anxious to haar from you when the plane will be finished and will sit on your desk.
    For any other questions, feel free to write me at You can be sure you will receive my answer.
    After all, we share same passion and it is my pleasure to listen to you

    My regards