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Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013, 17:28

Wieder ein DC-3 ‘Gooney Bird’, 1:50, aber ....

Leider kein Zeit dieses Bericht in Deutsch umzuschreiben, aber Ihr werdet es sicher verstehen!

This model is
an improvement and supersedes the old Swiss Air Lines DC-3 on my web site .

Basis for this
design was the excellent 1:12 “C-47 Skytrain-Fly
Model” which gave me many ideas

used in this model, as well as some techniques
used by Alan Rose in his legendary huge and trophy-like ‘Half DC-3’ wall model. The motor and especially the undercarriage is
quite detailed for a 1:50 model. I am
also going to re-paint to a 2nd model; looking around for a nicely coloured DC-3, I
came upon the livery of South Africa’s
Springbok Classic Air, with its lovely bottle green surfaces planes. Or
perhaps Namib Air’s DC3. Will be
appearing soon, to be followed by a big project, completing Alan Rose’s ‘Half
DC-3, but not at 1:12 too much
paper! It will be at 1:24 .

This model took
the most hours yet, as I now wish to consistently show the riveting on the, so,
as it is a free model, I have a wish
from all you programming specialists out there..... who can help?

Every time someone presses the download button for one
of my +/-30 models, I wish to be able to monitor how many times which model has been
downloaded. How to do this SIMPLY? As I keep adding new models, the system must
be very simple to augment. Simple method

Bob S.